Styles and Trends of Modern Lighting

Posted by Dracie Bradley on September 23rd, 2023

There is always a trend with each year, 2023, whether it's clothing, cars, or phones. But this time round, interior designing has had a fair share of revolution. Its lighting fixtures after lighting fixtures turn into a whirlwind, which leaves you puzzled about the trendy modern lights or style to use.

You want to leave a statement, and in modern lighting, it's a plunge into deeper technological waters. These are functional designs and shapes, including classy squares, graceful circles, and even quirky cubes. But don't mistake this early to mid-1900s style for the contemporary, which is all about right now. Modern lighting is vintage. So, before we go further, let’s check out what’s trending

2023's Modern Lighting Trends

Well, lighting is a matter of uniformity. If your living room has trendy lights, your patio needs the same touch as your bathroom and bedroom. How about we segment the trendy styles and fixtures for all these sections? Read on!

Top Trendy 2023 Modern Lighting and Style Ideas for Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is poised to get as much activity as the living room, so the sooner you remove the shadows, the better. And this is the part where folks are saying hello to the modern farmhouse trend.

If you didn't know, it combines natural elements with warm colors and a touch of modern style. You are going to need pendant lights that emanate vintage vibes, mason jar lights, barn lights, wagon wheel chandeliers, lantern lights, or rustic wall sconces.

Modern Style and Lighting for Your Living Room

It's just as easy to make your living room a blank canvas as it is to turn it into a lighting masterpiece. Modern chandeliers are in with maximalist lighting. And that even becomes the center of attention, giving your space a mesmerizing vibe. And the ones offered with dimmer switches mean versatility. On the same note, you can try cluster lights too.

Decorating Your Bedroom with Ostrich Feather Lamps

There is a catch in ostrich feather lamps. First, it comes in various colors, either white, pink, blue, or even purple. That means you can turn your bedroom into any color setting. Second, it's pretty decorative, giving the vibe of wildlife through the ostrich illusion. 

Modern Bathroom Lighting Ideas in 2023

As with the bathroom lighting trends, bathroom vanity lights are undisputed. But it doesn’t mean you can’t use a pendant, wall sconces, backlit wall mirrors, or chandeliers.

Patio Lighting

On your patio, 2023 makes using chandeliers or paper lanterns relevant. So, festoon lights, symmetrical wall lights, sconces, or pendants can still get the job done. You can still add a series of pendants or floor lamps.

Wrap Up

From eye-catching chandeliers, lamps, pendants, sleek designs, or statement-making table lamps, floor lamps, patio, or outdoor lighting, here's the inside scoop: Las Sola is your absolute one-stop shop for all your lighting needs. You can check out their collection for models and features matching your home design. 

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