Essential Documents to Bring With You to Canada

Posted by Sneha chawla on September 23rd, 2023

Once you get confirmed for permanent residency in Canada, it is always best to make a checklist of documents you need to bring with you to Canada from India. Some documents will be checked by border officers at the port of entry to Canada, while others might be required for tasks like employment, filing taxes, getting a driver’s license, etc. Also, ensure that the documents are up-to-date and are translated into English or French.

In this post, we will cover the list of documents required for Canada PR from India that will help you stay organized and stress-free!

Important Documents for Entering Canada

Listed below are the documents you will need at the time of entry to Canada –

  • A Canadian immigrant visa

  • Your Confirmation of Permanent Residence (CoPR) for each family member accompanying you

  • A valid passport or other travel document for each family member accompanying you

  • Two copies of the following documents:

    • A detailed list of all the personal and household items you plan to bring with you.

    • A list of things that are arriving later and their cost.

NOTE: DO NOT keep these documents in your luggage. Instead, keep them with you at all times.

Settler’s Effects List

You must show the listed documents to the officer at the first port of entry in Canada. Sometimes, this could be the connecting/layover airport in the country. Thus, you have to make sure you have these documents with you or in your carry-on. Bring two copies of the following documents to Canada with you - 

  • Form BSF186, Personal Effects Accounting Document (Form B4): This form is used for goods you are planning to bring with you to Canada. You need this form even if you have no items with you at the time of arrival.

  • Form BSF186A, Personal Effects Accounting Document (Form B4A): This form is used for goods that will arrive in Canada separately, either with you or after your time of arrival.

NOTE: It is important for you to know that filling out these forms is not mandatory but if you do it beforehand, it will save you time. 

Proof of Funds

Individuals who are relocating to Canada under the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSW) or the Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP) will be asked by immigration officers to show proof of settlement funds. While those immigrating to Canada under Canadian Experience Class (CEC) or individuals with a job offer from a Canadian employer are not required to show the proof. 

These funds could be in the form of -

  • Cash

  • cash

  • cheques

  • bankers’ drafts

  • travelers’ cheques or money orders

  • securities that belong to you, such as:

    • stocks

    • bonds

    • debentures

    • treasury bills

Also, tell a Canadian official when you arrive if you are carrying more than CAN ,000. If you fail to do so, you will be heavily fined and your funds could be seized. 

You must show the official letters from banks or financial institutions where you keep money as proof of settlement funds. However, the letter(s) must - 

  • Be printed on the bank/financial institution’s letterhead

  • Include their contact details like address, telephone number, and email address

  • Include your name

  • List outstanding debts such as credit card debts and loans

  • Include, for each current bank and investment account, the account numbers, the date each account was opened, the current balance of each account, and the average balance for the past six months.

NOTE: When you arrive at your destination, it is not obligatory to have all of the money specified on your immigration application. However, it would be wise to keep a recent bank statement readily available in case the immigration officer asks for it.

Healthcare Documents

Canadian kids are vaccinated when they are newborns. Vaccinations are given to prevent serious infections or diseases. When you are moving to Canada, you must bring official health documents that mention all the vaccinations you and your family members have already had. If you and your child have not been vaccinated, call your doctor or local public health clinic to get it done right away.

Once you are in Canada, your kids will require immunization or vaccination records to enroll in school.

Documents Required for Education and Employment

Bring the following documents to show your educational and professional qualifications:

  • Resume

  • Reference letters from previous employers

  • Educational transcripts

  • Language test results

  • Educational credential evaluation (ECA) result

Documents Required to Enroll Kids in a School

If you have kids that you would want to admit to Canadian schools, listed below are the documents needed for that: 

  • Birth certificates or baptismal certificates and/or adoption papers

  • School records for all your children

  • Children’s immunization records

Documents Required while Filing Annual Tax Returns

You may need the following documents to file annual tax returns in Canada: 

  • Tax forms or tax returns for the past two or three years from your home country

  • Record of any current foreign income, properties, or investments

Other essential documents

Apart from all the above-mentioned documents, you may also need to bring the below-listed documents with you to Canada: 

  • Travel and temporary health insurance

  • Medical records

  • Driving license from your home country and a driving extract, if applicable

  • Marriage certificate and/or divorce/separation papers

In case you lose the originals, you must make photocopies of all these documents. Keep them in a separate place from the originals.

Moving to a completely new country is an overwhelming process, which may result in forgetting essential documents to bring to Canada. For a smooth transition to Canada, consult one of the best immigration consultants in Mumbai, Nationwide Visas. The team of highly qualified immigration experts will assist you in documentation along with post-landing services, which will make things stress-free. Connect with them today.

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