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Let's hear a story! Alex, an ad executive, faced a nightmare when his laptop crashed on the eve of a crucial pitch. Desperate, he turned to ChatGPT, an AI tool. It conjured a stellar luxury watch ad campaign, saving his reputation. With renewed confidence, he overjoyed the client, securing the project. Alex learned that AI could be a creative lifesaver in the most challenging moments.

ChatGPT is a state-of-the-art AI language model developed by OpenAI. It's designed for natural language understanding and generation, making it capable of conversational interactions and various language tasks.

Prompts guide ChatGPT by providing instructions or questions, influencing the output it generates in a conversation. They're like conversation starters.

What are ChatGPT Prompts?

Prompts in AI are input text or questions given to a language model to instruct it and generate desired responses.

AI prompts work by providing specific instructions or questions to a language model like ChatGPT. These prompts guide the model's response generation. 

The model processes the input prompt and generates text accordingly, making it a versatile tool for tasks ranging from creative writing to problem-solving and more.

What is  is a platform designed to help users navigate the sea of creativity. offers a treasure trove of pre-generated prompts. It's a creativity booster, productivity enhancer, and time-saver for everyone. 

Whether you're a writer, marketer, or student, it's your secret weapon for skill improvement. Plus, it drives traffic with captivating content. Elevate your work with!


The 10- Best ChatGPT Prompts

Here I’m providing the best Free Prompts of

  1. Professional Skills

  • Negotiation Skills

“Draft a negotiation email to secure a partnership deal, showcasing your ability to find common ground and create a win-win situation.”


  • Networking Skills

“Craft a concise, impactful LinkedIn profile summary that highlights your key achievements and career aspirations”


  1. Midjourney Prompts

  • Midjourney pixar style

“pixar animation,chibi,pop mart blind box,clay materials”

  • Midjourney App Icon Prompt Maker

“From now on, act like an art director. I give you the game name. Create midjourney prompt.

I am going to provide a template for your output. CAPITALIZED WORDS are my placeholders, so we're telling it when you look at the template if something is capitalized, that's something that you're going to replace with the content that you're generating. Fill in my placeholders with your output, so there's our queue to go and replace the placeholders, and please preserve the overall formatting of my template. My Template is:

 *Question:  * QUESTION

 *Answer:  * ANSWER



 *Answer:  * abandoned building, abandoned environment, radioactive sign, 2d pixel style”

  1. Social Media Marketing

  • Viral Content Strategy 

"Develop a creative concept for a viral social media campaign. Describe the content, platforms, and engagement tactics to captivate a broad audience."

  • Influencer Collaboration 

"Craft a persuasive pitch to collaborate with a social media influencer in your niche. Highlight the mutual benefits and proposed partnership details."

  1. Content Writing


  • Blog Post Ideas 

"Generate three captivating blog post topics related to digital marketing trends. Provide a brief outline for each topic, showcasing your creative writing skills."

  • Product Review

 "Compose a persuasive product review for a new gadget. Highlight its features, benefits, and your personal experience to engage potential buyers effectively."

  1. Digital Marketing

  • Social Media Ad Copy 

"Craft compelling ad copy for a Facebook ad promoting a new fitness app. Grab attention, highlight benefits, and include a clear call to action."

  • SEO Strategy

 "Outline an SEO strategy for a travel blog. Identify relevant keywords, on-page optimization techniques, and a plan for acquiring high-quality backlinks."

  1. Coding Prompts

  • Algorithm Challenge

 "Write a Python function to find the nth Fibonacci number using recursion. Optimize it for efficiency."

  • Data Structure Mastery 

"Implement a binary search tree in Java, including insertion and search functionalities. Ensure proper handling of edge cases."

  1. Career planning

  • Personal Branding Statement 

"Compose a concise personal branding statement that reflects your career goals, strengths, and unique value as a professional."

  • Skill Development Roadmap

"Outline a 6-month plan for enhancing your key professional skills. Specify courses, resources, and milestones to achieve your career objectives."

  1. Event Planning

  • Perfect Party Blueprint 

"Create a step-by-step guide for organizing a memorable birthday party. Detail the theme, decorations, activities, and a budget-friendly strategy."

  • Corporate Conference Strategy 

"Design a comprehensive event plan for a corporate conference. Outline scheduling, guest speakers, marketing tactics, and contingency measures."

  1. Job Application

  • Cover Letter Showcase 

"Write a compelling cover letter for a project manager position. Highlight your qualifications and demonstrate how you align with the company's values.

  • Elevator Pitch

"Create a 30-second elevator pitch for a sales role interview. Concisely communicate your strengths, experience, and enthusiasm for the position."

  1.   Business

  •  Market Expansion Strategy

 "Develop a market expansion plan for a small e-commerce business. Identify   target markets, marketing channels, and growth metrics."

  •  SWOT Analysis

 "Conduct a SWOT analysis for a startup in the tech industry. Evaluate strengths,  weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to inform strategic decisions."

How to Access These Prompts on

Here are the steps to access

1. Open Your Web Browser

   Launch your preferred web browser, such as Google Chrome.

2. Visit the Website

   In the address bar, type "" and press Enter.

3. Explore the Website 

Once you're on the website, take some time to explore its features and offerings. You can learn more about the services and how to use them effectively.

4.  Download the Google Extension 

If you're interested in accessing through a Google extension, look for a "Download" or "Get Extension" button on the website. Click on it to start the download process.

5. Install the Extension 

Follow the on-screen instructions to install the extension on your Google Chrome browser.

6. Launch the Extension 

After installation, you can usually find the extension icon in the upper-right corner of your Chrome browser. Click on the icon to launch the extension.

7.  Register or Log In 

Depending on's setup, you may need to register for an account or log in if you already have one. Follow the prompts to complete this step.

8.  Start Using the Prompts 

Once you're logged in, you can start using the prompts provided by for various tasks, whether it's content writing, creative brainstorming, or any other use case.



In the dynamic landscape of productivity tools, emerges as a game-changer. Its curated prompts transcend industries, unlocking creativity and efficiency. Whether you're a writer, marketer, or student, it's a beacon of inspiration. Embrace and revolutionize your workflow. Elevate your output, and see the difference today!


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