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Posted by Liz Seyi on September 25th, 2023

It might seem obvious to say that you won’t want to have to deal with pest control issues on commercial premises for which you are responsible. 

However, pests can be a major problem at business sites for a number of reasons. Common pests such as insects, rodents, and birds can cause damage to property and products, spread disease, contaminate the workplace, and be hugely detrimental to your business’s reputation. 

Althoughcommercial pest control might seem to be an especially high priority for restaurants and other food-and-drink businesses, it should be an equally urgent priority for everyone who is responsible for a commercial building. 

After all, pest species carry parasites that pose a health risk to humans. So, if any human beings use your premises for any purpose, inadequate commercial pest control measures could be a major problem. 

With all that in mind, then, what steps should you be taking to make sure pests aren’t an issue in your own property? Below, we have set out some of them. 

  • Arranging regular deep cleans 

Although regular inspections are certainly important means of commercial pest control – especially with regard to those pest “hot spots” such as dining areas and windowsills – you will also need to carry out direct deep cleaning on a regular basis. 

Putting in place a cleaning rota to be divided among your firm’s staff could help here – as could requesting a quote from our own fully trained and qualified cleaning staff here at Nationwide Property Clean. 

Furthermore, at Nationwide Property Clean we carry out surveys that identify areas of access that pests can use to enter buildings.

After all, prevention is sometimes better than responding to infestation.

  • Quickly tackling spills, crumbs, and leftover food 

Again, you might think this tip is particularly relevant to food and drink businesses. However, even in offices, there can often be remnants of food left around, such as when staff grab a quick “meal deal” and eat it in front of their computer. 

So, you should be regularly inspecting and cleaning kitchen areas, office spaces, and other areas of the property alike. 

  • Keeping a lookout for leaks in kitchens and washrooms 

When there are easy sources of food and water in a commercial building, these can be major attractions for pests, giving them a reason to enter and stay on the premises. 

So, it is crucial to identify and repair any such leaks as soon as they arise. The more proactive you can be in cutting off access to water for potential pests, the more effective your all-round commercial pest control regime will likely be. 

  • Storing food in places that are away from the ground 

There is a lot we could say about responsible commercial pest control practices related specifically to food. But one of the most “obvious, but easily overlooked” things you should be doing, is keeping food as far away from the ground as possible. 

Indeed, it is a good idea to have dedicated food storage areas, as well as to keep food in airtight containers. Such measures will make it easier to keep track of where food is stored on your commercial site, as well as to prevent bacterial growth and deny pests access to the food. 

  • Educating colleagues on the risk of pests 

The chances are that not everyone using your business premises will exactly have commercial pest control at the front of their minds. So, it can be a big help if you encourage workers using your buildings to keep an eye out for pests, and to report any pest sightings. 

What you should not be urging colleagues to do, however, is to take pest control issues into their own hands. They will almost certainly not be qualified to do this, and they could be putting their health and safety at risk. Instead, get them to let you know if they see any pests, so that you can arrange for suitably qualified professionals to take the necessary action. 

Speaking of professionals, here at Nationwide Property Clean, we are proud to be able to offer high-quality and excellent-value pest management services. Ask for a quote from our highly regarded cleaning company today, and we can help ensure your commercial pest control measures are as comprehensive and robust as they should be. 

 We do surveys as well that identify areas of access that pests can use to enter buildings.

 Prevention is sometimes better than responding to infestation.”

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