Why And When ADA Signs Are Necessary?

Posted by SEO Digital Team on October 3rd, 2023

You must install ADA-compliant signs throughout your establishment to keep your customers safe and satisfied. Signs that comply with the Ada Signs Wholesale are required in certain situations, and you must know when and where to place them.

To ensure your company follows federal guidelines to keep customers safe and make it possible for them to do business with you, contact the team at Signsations for all your ADA sign needs—this article reasons and requirements for using ADA signs.

  • The Reasons for Using ADA Signs

There are the main benefits to making use of ADA signage:

  • Everyone who visits there feels secure and at home.

Individuals with visual impairments can navigate your facility more easily with ADA signs. They direct guests to their destinations and inform them of the locations of emergency exits. If your customers can easily navigate your establishment, they will feel more at ease.

  • They show guests and customers you value them.

Putting up ADA signs shows that you care about the comfort of your visitors and customers. It's like when someone invites you to dinner and sets the table with fine linens and cutlery. 

Minimum requirements for ADA Signs

The federal regulations not only mandate the presence of signs but also specify their design and placement. The following are some of the most important guidelines for these types of signs:

  1. Font: Sans serif fonts only, please; no italics, scripts, or other embellishments. Letters and all capitals should be between 5/8 inch and 2 inches in height.
  1. Distance Between Words:  The distance between the centers of any two letters in an ADA sign must be at least 1/8 inch. Although this may be less pleasing to the eye, it is helpful for touch-readers.
  1. Norms for Braille Text: Grade II Braille, which can be either domed or rounded, is required on all signs in the United States. Condensed and abbreviated forms of words make their way into Grade II Braille. For the benefit of the visually impaired, please place the Ada Braille Signs directly under the text on your signs.
  1. Mounting: There is a 48-inch to 60-inch height tolerance for ADA sign mounting above the finished floor. The tactile characters in a lift car are the only known exception to this rule. For safety reasons, signs placed overhead must be at least 80 inches from the ground.
  1. Placement:  The latch side of doors is another convenient place for signs. The sign should go on that side if a double door has an inactive leaf.


Building and business can look and feel better with Office Signs Ada that meet federal requirements. Sensation has trained professionals who can help you find signs that complement your decor without sacrificing their primary purpose. We can accommodate orders of any size, from a few signs for a single office to hundreds for an entire complex.

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