Types of Vehicles and Equipment Used for Mobile Patrol Security Services

Posted by Steve Smith on October 7th, 2023

Mobile patrol security services play a vital role in safeguarding the people and assets of Melbourne. These services utilize a range of vehicles and equipment to ensure the safety and security of their clients. In this blog post, we'll delve into the various types of vehicles and equipment commonly used by mobile patrol security services in Melbourne.

Patrol Vehicles

One of the most crucial components of mobile patrol security services in Melbourne is the patrol vehicle. These vehicles are specially designed and equipped for security operations. The types of patrol vehicles used in Melbourne include:

Marked Patrol Cars:

These are highly visible vehicles with distinctive markings and lights, designed to deter criminal activity and provide a visible security presence.

Unmarked Vehicles:

Unmarked patrol cars blend in with regular traffic, allowing security personnel to conduct covert surveillance and respond quickly to security threats.

SUVs and Trucks:

In some cases, larger vehicles like SUVs and trucks are used to transport security personnel and equipment to various locations quickly.

Bicycles and Segways

In densely populated areas, security services in Melbourne often employ bicycles and Segways for mobile patrols. These environmentally friendly modes of transportation allow security personnel to navigate crowded streets and narrow alleyways with ease, ensuring rapid response times.


Motorcycles are another common choice for mobile patrol security in Melbourne. They offer maneuverability and the ability to reach locations quickly, making them ideal for responding to emergencies or covering large areas efficiently.


Mobile patrol security services rely on various equipment to enhance their effectiveness. Some essential equipment includes:

Radios and Communication Devices:

Effective communication is crucial for coordinating patrols and responding to incidents promptly. Two-way radios and mobile communication devices are commonly used to keep security personnel connected.

Surveillance Cameras:

Mobile patrol units may be equipped with surveillance cameras to document incidents and gather evidence. These cameras can be mounted on vehicles or carried by security personnel.

First Aid Kits:

In emergencies, security personnel often serve as first responders. First aid kits are essential for providing immediate medical assistance until professional help arrives.

Flashlights and Spotlights:

Adequate lighting is essential for night patrols. High-quality flashlights and spotlights help security personnel navigate dark areas and identify potential threats.

Crowd Control Equipment:

For events or situations that require crowd control, security services in Melbourne may have equipment such as barricades, cones, and barriers to maintain order.

Body Armor and Protective Gear:

In high-risk situations, security personnel may wear body armor and protective gear to ensure their safety.

GPS and Tracking Systems

To monitor and track the movements of patrol vehicles and security personnel, GPS and tracking systems are often integrated into mobile patrol security services. These systems help maintain accountability and ensure that security patrols cover designated areas.

Mobile patrol security services in Melbourne employ a variety of vehicles and equipment to fulfill their mission of protecting people and assets. Whether it's patrolling the streets on bicycles, using high-visibility patrol cars, or utilizing advanced communication and surveillance equipment, these services are dedicated to maintaining safety and security in this vibrant city. With their diverse arsenal of tools, mobile patrol security services contribute significantly to the overall well-being and peace of mind of Melbourne's residents and businesses.

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