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Posted by fanzhou on August 1st, 2016

Finally, mark the time to take part in  RSmalls May Top Deals!The  RSmalls Team
4/27/16Hey, RS fans! Are you all pleased to know that you will access to Monkey Madness 2 on May 5? Definitely, many of you are eager for logging in it and competing the challengeable quest at once. Yet, this is not an easy task because the official difficulty is grandmaster. You should have enough cheap RS 2007 gold on  RSmalls to ensure you can overcome the quest easier. We can offer fast delivery and best service when you purchase 07 RS gold cheap on our site. RSmalls shows some detail information about MM2.MM2 is the first quest to be classified as a Grandmaster quest in OSRS, as well as being the first Old School-exclusive quest. The skills required for Monkey Madness 2 is high, such as 70 Crafting and 60 Hunter. Buy Runescape Gold You also need to gain 60 Firemaking, which is required for you to complete the Enlightened Journey. MM2 includes five main quests, and you should have a high combat level so that you can finish the quests smoothly. If you can’t meet the required skill, you can buy 2007 RS Account as well as OSRS gold from us to help you increase the skills quickly. At the same time, if you want to equip the heavy ballista, train to get 65 Ranged at first.

Access to Ape Atoll and start your journey!Buy lower priced OSRS gold to prepare for this new quest.We know that you would like to be involved in Monkey Madness 2. “Monkey Madness II is a Grandmaster quest. As such, it must provide rewards fitting for such a challenging quest. RS 3 Gold We would like to offer several rewards for those of you experienced enough to complete MMII.”Jagex said in its Dev Blog. We will celebrate the release of this quest and help you gain the rewards in our style: continue to provide 2007 gold cheap for you. Place your order and choose one payment method that is convenient for you. Contact our 24/7 Live Chat to get your gold in game within 10 minutes.We're excited to give all of you some related information on Monkey Madness 2. No matter why you play this new quest, just ensure you buy RS 2007 gold for sale on  RSmalls before you log in. Currently, you can use code“MRSG8” to get 8% off.The convenient dealing methods and good services will meet your demands! With enough OSRS gold in your bank, we are sure that you can make the most of MM2 and have a brilliant start.The  RSmalls Team Monkey Madness II has released on May 6, 2016. As a RS fan, have you reached the Quest Requirement and started to overcome the grandmaster quest in OSRS? In order to complete the quest and get the excellent rewards, buying cheap RS 07 gold on  RSmalls is really helpful for you. You can always purchase OSRS gold at lower price on our site. Now we will show some efficient methods for you to win the rewards of MM2.How can you start Monkey Madness 2 with 07 RS gold?Firstly, you need to have all of the skills and quests required in MM2. RS Account You also need 1x normal Logs and it is recommended (but not needed) to have 1x Magic logs. Then speak to King Narnode Shareen in the Grand Tree to start the quest. When the quest has been started, the next step is to head over to close house which is southeast.

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