How to find Best PG in Gurgaon

Posted by andhramess on August 1st, 2016

Are you a young IT professional searching for job in the city of Gurgaon? If so, you must make a proper plan before leaving to Gurgaon. You must jot down certain aspects that are most important to reside in the Gurgaon with all the comfort. First and foremost thing is to search for the PG before searching for the job. The reason is that, if you keep attending the interviews in different locations in big cities like Gurgaon, you get tired soon. Then, you must need some rest and where will you rest if there is no room for you. Of course you can stay in hotels or resorts or condos if you are from a rich family. But, what if you are from a poor family who is unable to pay for the hotels or resorts for long durations like a week or month?

Thus, keeping this in mind, many house owners have built extra rooms or have constructed the entire house with the intention to help students and professionals to make them stay comfort in a less cost. Hence, you will be able to find PG in Gurgaon lined up to provide accommodation.

Since PGs have become a great source of income for these home owners, it is better to make proper enquiry before joining any PGs without knowing about the condition of the PGs, and the owner of the PGs. There are certain owners who are too rude and rough and just focus on the money. These people do not even care for whatever happens to the people residing in this city. Hence, finding the best PG in Gurgaon becomes too difficult.

Just visit some of the best classified sites, or real estate websites you will find a list of PGs and hostel in Gugaon. Many people do not bother to stay in cheap rated PGs or hostels paying lesser amount. But, avoid doing this, just find the Standard or posh PGs or hostel at an affordable cost. This would really helpful.

Staying in posh PGs or hostel, at an affordable price with no extra pay for the food, as the food offered at the Andhra PG in Gurgaon is really tasteful. Since Andhra people are good at cooking, you can experience the exotic food cooked by the Andhra people. You can taste wonderful rasam, poached eggs, and other mouth watering dishes.

Though PG provides you delicious dishes, you may also want to taste the street food like chats, etc., if you are one of such foodies, then you must find such PGs or hostel which is near to the chat centres, hotels and restaurants, and others.

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