Management: Why it is an interesting subject?

Posted by sophiasmith on August 1st, 2016

Masters of Business Administration is one of the most sought after courses in India that has clearly stood the test of time. It holds great reputation as a course that provides national as well as international opportunities to students who study it. However, the credibility of the course is still questioned time and again by educationists who doubt the value of the course in a modern time like today! The fact is- MBA offers the relevant information that can prove to be beneficial in tackling the complex business environment. When we study Management, we read a characteristic that defines it the best- ‘Management is a continuous process’. This statement clearly reflects that Managers may come and go, but Management will always be an integral part of an organisation that will always go on. The art of Management teaches a person to take decisions according to the nature of situation. There are no fixed rules or methods in Management. It is never necessary that the solutions that solved the problems in the 90s, can work the same way in the present business situations.

It is therefore necessary to develop and update the curriculum of MBA on regular intervals so that the Management students can be made familiar with business principles and the dynamic nature of the subject. Let’s take an example- How your father carried out his business when he was young might be entirely opposite to how you run it today. Technologies today are updated; manual labour has significantly decreased and moreover the decision making today has to be a quick process so that one can survive the competition in the market. Poornima University’s School of Management is one of the leading Top BTech Colleges in jaipuras the students, upgrades them, which is the main reason why they crack interviews with much ease.

It has been witnessed that the popularity of the course is rising across the globe. Organisations happily recruit MBA degree holders for they know that employing them can bring effectiveness as well as efficiency in the workplace. Some of the top Universities for MBA focus mainly on training students through real-life examples and case studies instead of forcing them to cram the theories of Management. The subject is interesting and at the same time rewarding as one comes across opportunities as soon as they finish their college!

BBA is a 3 year course that has been designed in such a way that can make your foundation for MBA strong. It is a graduate degree that is globally acceptable and is also recognised by private and government sectors. The BBA degree is immensely popular all around the world which is the main reason why students are opting for the management course. The course was first introduced in America and ever since then, it has risen in popularity. 

The School of Management of Poornima University is one of the top BBA Colleges in India. This foundation course of management gives an insight into the world corporate functioning and moreover, the fundamentals that are taught in BBA make a student competent. This comprehensive training teaches them the ways through which they can handle the competition of the market. Being a professional degree, BBA covers almost every aspect of Management and gives a student a competitive edge. After the completion of BBA, one can also become an entrepreneur as the business relates skills of a person are polished when he or she pursues BBA. 

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