Are There Family-Friendly Churches in Bremen With Engaging Programs?

Posted by David Harper on October 11th, 2023

A new place for birthday parties, painting classes and meetings could soon be available in Marshall County. This church hopes to buy an old building and use it for community outreach programs.

This congregation is personally vested in sharing the Gospel in a new way with persons with developmental disabilities. They will create a space that is ability inclusive with facilitation and leadership from both pastors and laity.

Chapel Hill Church

Chapel Hill Church in Bremen GA is celebrated for its commitment to creating a family-friendly atmosphere enriched with engaging programs.

Chapel Hill Church designs its worship services to be inclusive for all members of the family. The atmosphere is warm and inviting, making it a place where families can come together to worship and connect with one another.

The church recognizes the importance of catering to its youngest members. With vibrant and age-appropriate children's ministries, Chapel Hill provides a nurturing environment where kids can learn about faith in an engaging and enjoyable way.

Chapel Hill Church is dedicated to empowering and guiding its youth. Engaging youth programs are designed to inspire personal growth, foster positive values, and create a sense of community among the younger members.

The church regularly organizes family-oriented events and activities. From picnics and game nights to special holiday celebrations, Chapel Hill ensures that families have opportunities to bond and create lasting memories together.

Safety is a top priority at Chapel Hill Church. Families can feel confident that the church provides a secure and nurturing environment for children and youth, allowing parents to worship and engage with the community with peace of mind.

For families seeking a church that prioritizes a family-friendly atmosphere and offers engaging programs for all members, Chapel Hill Church in Bremen stands out as a welcoming and inclusive place of worship.

2. St. Martin’s Church

This church aims to serve families with a community of artists. The church plans to commission local artists to paint a saint and host artist-themed worship services. The church also wants to establish a natural playground and offer outdoor activities with Biblical themes.

This congregation has built relationships in a low-income apartment building housing adults with complex needs, disabilities and other barriers to employment. The project focuses on building leadership among residents, leveraging church laity in teaching and the arts, and providing food and conversations that open hearts to share stories of loss and hope.

This church focuses on the dignity of all people, regardless of their ability to participate in its ministries. The church provides accessible accommodations for people with limited mobility, including access into the pews, Sanctuary, confessionals and restrooms. It also offers accessibility training to its congregation. Its ministry with children and adults with disabilities is extensive. It offers music classes, family playdates, social events and adult discussion groups.

3. Provost Church of St. John

Bremen is a beautiful city, and one of the top tourist destinations in Germany. It is famous for its shopping and North German cuisine. There are many museums, landmarks and historic buildings to see in the city. The most popular sights include the Bremen Town Musicians, Town Hall, Roland statue and Schnoor quarter.

The church will host a STEM program that will expose youth (boys and girls) to hands on, experimental learning in science, technology, engineering and math. The church has laity with experience in teaching and the arts that will be involved in this ministry.

This church will create a space for people with developmental disabilities to become part of the congregation and to grow in their faith. This will be done through a weekly spiritually led socialization program and connecting to their existing children’s and adult ministries. It will also provide hygiene opportunities through a shower trailer. The pastor and laity will organize and monitor this initiative.

4. St. Peter’s Cathedral

The St. Peter’s Cathedral, also known as “Sunte Marten” in Low German, is one of Bremen’s most striking buildings. It is located on the market square and, with its two towers, dominates the city skyline. The church is well worth a visit because of its rich history.

The cathedral was built in the 11th century as a Romanesque structure, but later rebuilt in the Gothic style. Its dark sand and brick facade, high towers, and hipped roof make it stand out from its medieval predecessors.

The church’s programs engage a wide range of people. For example, the church is implementing an artist’s project that commissions artists to learn about and paint one of the Saints. The finished paintings are displayed in the church. The program also invites the artists and their families to attend a worship service. Another initiative involves building an outdoor natural playground based on Biblical themes. This will include activities like a tunnel that is named after Jonah’s whale.

5. St. Martin’s Church in Old Town

The church’s focus is on community service and focusing on the needs of the local community. This will include establishing a garden, hosting a community table, and offering arts classes. It will also support parents’ nights out and alcohol-free music events. The church hopes to use its congregational gifts in hospitality and service.

In the wake of the June attack on Ulm’s Jewish community, Frankfurt Consul General and Baden-Wuerttemberg’s Minister of Justice visited the city and held talks with Ulm Rabbi Schneur Trebnik and other members of the Israelite Religious Community of Wuerttemberg. The discussions focused on the community’s situation and various forms of antisemitism in Germany.

The North German Mission operates more than 600 of its own schools in Togo and Ghana and also supports teacher training centers in Porto Novo, Mawuko, Saboba, Badou, Hohoe, Lome-Agbalepedogan, and Bimbilla. It also helps with other educational initiatives, including a music education program that is a strong component of its mission.

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