Wrath of the Lich chain brings is the ability

Posted by lowes Emily on October 11th, 2023

Moving to the level 200 blue gear , or the savage gladiators' set, this equipment WoTLK Gold is a five-piece set and doesn't have any other pieces. It is possible to purchase this set with emblems of heroism from vendors. The dollar end based on the faction you're on a trial has 30 emblems on the gloves and the shoulders while the head legs and chest are each armed with 45. It is also possible to purchase them at the honor sellers in order Marlin stormline for 50.000 and 60.000 Honor for each piece however it is recommended to make use of those honor points in a PvP off pieces first scene since you can purchase the complete set using PvE.

Another option Wrath of the Lich chain brings is the ability to purchase PvP gear that has honor and arena points. You can purchase the savage gladiators five set with a combination of honor and arena points. This can reduce how many honor points required by a large margin. Prices range from 200 Arena points to 7200 points to purchase the savage gladiators loves and go all the way at 350 Arena points. You can also get 12.000 worth of honor for chest and leg pieces.

You can buy these pieces and others from vendors and the dollar stores. They are located in the underground aka sewers and dollar. They're the goblins standing on the wooden platform. Personally, I wouldn't suggest investing your arena points in the savage gladiator equipment seeing how arena points are difficult to acquire and could be used to purchase tougher gear. On top of that these blue pieces can be purchased with emblems of heroism which are much easier to get as opposed to cheap WOW WoTLK Classic Gold arena points.

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