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Posted by Rajpatil on August 1st, 2016

In today's electronic world, there is no excuse for a poorly run dental office. Which is why, every dental practice should have a dental electronic billing and a professional dental office management system in place. A dentist cannot afford to lose a patient's chart or make unnecessary mistakes filing insurance claims. If a patient has to wage an ugly war with their insurance company over a misfiled claim or an unnecessary billing error, believe me, they won't be back.

For dentists today, it has never been easier to save time, paper and staff by purchasing one of the new cutting edge professional dental billing and dental practice management systems.

The hottest professional dental billing and dental practice management systems that are trending up in the market today perform a myriad of amazing and time saving functions such as:

·               Pre-code insurance forms and send them directly to the insurance provider

·               Clinically chart each patient's treatment plan

·               Answer phones and automatically add a patient from a waiting list when another patient cancels.

·               Auto dial patient appointment reminders

·               Send out patient statements and billings

·               Mail out patient letters, advertisements and e-mail blasts

·               Photo enhancements for cosmetic dentistry patients

·               Complete office staff management including timesheets, vacation schedules and paychecks

·               Paperless environment with off-site data backup

Remember however, if you choose a Clinic management system such as this, it is extremely important to make sure to carefully check out their customer service and technical support. You will want to choose a company that will be available 24-7 and has the best response time when you need them.

It may take some time and a little research to determine the best dental billing and professional management system that's right for your practice. But, once it's in place, your patients will be better served, your staff happier, you will be doing something positive for the environment (using less paper) and most important of all, your bottom line profits will soon start to increase!


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