Dark and Darker's latest amend reintroduced

Posted by lowes Emily on October 12th, 2023

In Ironmace's latest accomplishment to activity cheaters and exploiters, trading restrictions admission been placed on new accounts. Freshly created accounts will allegation to delay bristles canicule afore they are able to admission Dark And Darker Gold the game's Trading Column (where players can barter loot) or Aerial Roller dungeons (where the game's best admired boodle can be found). Aphotic and Darker had its aboriginal account-wide clean beforehand this week, commodity that came abundant eventually than Ironmace originally planned in an accomplishment to activity exploiters affairs gold and items that were dishonestly earned.

"We apologize for any aggravation this causes to accustomed players who allegation to delay out the timer, but we accomplishment this will accomplish a absolute appulse on creating a abundant cleaner gaming environment," Ironmace writes.

Dark and Darker's latest amend reintroduced VoIP in-game articulation chat, commodity that has led to a beyond cardinal of players teaming up. While Ironmace states that it wants to animate ad-lib alternation amidst players, it's anxious too abundant buying Dark And Darker Gold allocation and planning amidst teams can "quickly abase the experience" for the added player-base. To abash this behavior, Ironmace in the latest amend has bargain the cardinal of escape portals on the game's Goblin Cave map, area it says a ample bulk of team-ups are occurring. The developer states that it will "monitor the situation" and "make added acute changes if necessary."

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