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Happy to share rs 2007 gold with Up to Vouchers for Last Man Standing 7.28-8

Posted by accolac99 on August 1st, 2016

As you know, Last Man Standing beta 3 will release this weekend, and the final release of Last Man Standing is inching nearer and nearer. Are you ready for it? If you need OSRS gold, you can come to RSorder, we provide you OSRS gold at lowest price all the time.

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With the support of OSRS gold from RSorder, you can head to expreience LMS. Here are some guides for you.

Upon arrival to the island the player's combat stats, as well as agility, are boosted to 99 for the duration of the game. The only exception is defence, which is only boosted to 70. Prayer points are drained to 10 at the start of the game, but with in-game prayer potions it is possible to have a maximum of 99 prayer points at a time. All prayers and spells can be used by players without any quest requirements within the minigame.

The only item given to each player at the beginning of the game is a spear, which acts as a halberd. In order to improve the chances of survival, players must loot chests, drawers, cupboards, and other objects found throughout the island to obtain combat equipment, such as scimitars, pieces of metal armour, mage robes, bows, runes, arrows, prayer potions, sharks, bass, swordfish, etc.

Players can kill other players to obtain a bloody key, which can be used to re-loot chests that have already been looted.

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