Customised Bottles for Our Earth and Her Children

Posted by Super Sparrow on October 17th, 2023

People shall improve the standard of living by replacing the hazardous plastic bottles with the sustainable ones. These sustainable vessels can be used for personal as well as for business use. It will help you to reduce carbon footprint and it will also be cost effective by improved longevity. Drinking from plastic can cause multiple health related issues. As they start degrading with time and contaminates the water present in the container by adding micro-plastic materials which can be even cancerous.

Jeopardising Health

After an examination it is was discovered that the toxins and chemicals get leached into the water present in these flasks along with incredibly disturbing level of micro-plastics. Which may cause far-reaching health disorders in us or in our children. So, the moment you will choose eco-friendly custom water bottleswhich are mainly made up of metals, will make you devoid of the risk of getting plastic related diseases.

The Green Revolution

Using environmental-safe product is trending now a days. Now it our responsibility to retain this trend throughout and make it a crucial part of our lives, unlike others trends that fades away in due course of time. Plastics are harmful even for our plants. They reduce the soil fertility and are non-biodegradable. They remain underground and in our oceans for over a century without even a little degradation. Using the environmental-safe product will open up a path for enhancing the greenery that is lost because due to our fault.

The Spark of Fashion

The plastic bottles come with bland, monotonous shades and a simple design. While the eco-friendly custom water bottles are stylish, sustainable and can be customized according to the user’s interest. They come with a wide range of variety like different sizes, shapes, colours and design. The colouring changing tumblers are also introduced as a new marketing strategy.


Apart from only containing water, the customer can use this for carrying their hot drinks or cold beverages. The wide mouthed design also allows to pour ice cubes for the extra chilliness for the drinks. So that people don’t have to spend extra penny for store brought coffees or chilled drinks. The vacuum sealed insulated walls prevent heat loss or gain from the environment in order to keep your fluids at their optimum temperature. This makes the tumblers versatile and ideal for user and gives satisfactory reason for replacing them with hazardous ones. 

Abridging toxicity

The environmentally safe term itself justifies the idea of reducing the toxicity which are building up in our body and environment. These are BPA-free and it is used for hardening the plastic flasks. Over a period of time, it affects our endocrine system and causes behavioural changes in children along with increased blood pressure, diabetes and other cardiovascular diseases. So, by choosing biodegradable items people are doing a favour on themselves.


The recycled bottles can also be used those are BPA-free made of borosilicate glasses, polyester or stainless steel. It increases the durability thus reducing the demand for using plastic disposals and plastic production all over again. Even after knowing all about the plastic, we are bound to use them because of its affordability and availability round the globe. Therefore, here are the following alternatives present for the environmental-safety.

The glass bottles serve the purpose as it seems to stand by your high standards and might be right up your alley so it adds feather to your taste. In this case there is no metallic after-taste or chemicals leaching in the water is experienced. The purity remains intact. Also cleaning them up is an easy task because they are not stained or discoloured easily, but there is a risk of breakage while maintenance.

The stainless steel serves the purpose of insulation for your beverages. They also come with liberty of leaching useful nutrients in the water. Like the copper insulated bottles adds copper ions in the water which is beneficial for our health. It resists bacterial growth because of the non-porous wall.

And finally, the concept of best out of waste is introduced which recycles the waste plastic rather than dumping it in the landfills and reduces the waste streams in the oceans.

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