Kaizen Training ?A Way to Learn and Implement Lean and Kaizen

Posted by WilliamDavid089 on August 2nd, 2016

Kaizen is a Japanese concept introduced by Masaaki Imai where “Kai” means “Change” and “Zen” means “Better”. It means change for good and continuous improvement. This Japanese concept has transformed various organizations by detecting the potential wastes in the company, making the appropriate changes where needed, removing the wastes and creating the work plans accordingly.

Enna is offering various lean based products and services for learners, practitioners, leaders and organizations who wish to gain knowledge related to lean and kaizen. Various educational guides, training workshops, lean books and games are available, which can improve the growth of your firm and empower your workforce. More satisfied clients can be attained with the help of true kaizen. Workforce can also be engaged and work processes can be transformed according to lean practices.

Kaizen Training  is a great tool to generate sustainable kaizen. Training is an efficient way to learn any new concept or methodology. Same is the case with kaizen for which proper training is required in order to learn its basic principles and ways to carry out the true lean culture in your own company. In this respect, Enna is providing two training packages;

   1.    Classic Kaizen Workshop Training Package
Classic kaizen training package consists of various workshops which are very helpful for learning basic principles of Kaizen. Workshops are good tools through which people can get to know new concepts. After learning best tools and practices from these workshop packages and implementing kaizen, you would see dramatic improvements in your organization. At that stage you will realize the need to create ongoing and sustainable kaizen program.

   2.    Quick & Easy Kaizen Training Package
Quick and easy kaizen training package is very informative and to-the-point guide to learn the fundamentals of lean and kaizen. Quick and Easy Kaizen provided by Enna has been written by Norman Bodek. These guides help in creating employee-led improvement side by focusing on the people side of lean. Lean basically highlights the value streams in a system, analyze those value streams in order to see where more value can be added and where the waste is occurring.

Kaizen is very powerful and can delivers 100% results if implemented in a correct way. For getting experience in Kaizen and its best practices along with the knowledge about its true implementation, one should get help from the products and services provided by Enna. Trying and using these products will give more information and will allow you to use these products for the implementation of real lean. Enna’s mission is to let people and organization aware of all the tools and techniques of Kaizen which can improve the organizations and engage their workforce.

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