Understand Akashic Records Readings To Change Your Life

Posted by maureenstgermain on August 2nd, 2016

The Akashic records, a book of life, includes a vast knowledge about all future and past civilizations. It is a life book in various fields such as religion, spirituality and metaphysics. If we talk about the term 'akasha', it originates from Sanskrit and it means primary substance. It is an energy source that includes all the feelings, actions, thoughts and knowledge that has or will ever exist. In the Bible, the akasha has been referred as the Word of God. Also, ancient Hindu defined it as the intelligence and energy found in nature. In other words, it is a large storehouse of earthy and spiritual knowledge which can be easily accessible via genetic connection. If someone wants to understand this book, then he or she should conduct a little research.

Anyone can easily access these records by just entering into certain consciousness states. Presently, there are so many keynote speakers who conduct various workshops to enhance people's skills and knowledge on these records. By joining these classes, you may learn how to read these records in an easy way. But before attending any class, you should ensure whether these workshops are conducted by keynote speakers or not.

There is a keynote speaker who conducts a wide range of workshops for spiritual and personal development awakening. During her sessions, she shares her knowledge what she has acquired from ancient truths study. Being a good seeker, she also leads many sacred journeys at various places such as Egypt, Hawaii, Peru, Mary Magdalene, Tibet etc. She is famous for her books such as the Flower of Life, the MerKaBa meditation, Akashic Records Readings, ascension and many more. Being a good spiritual consultant and master numerologist, she has started her establishment in 1994 and since then, she has been providing training, consultations, guided meditation CDs, books, spiritual tours and other materials to transform the lives of the people.

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