How AS/400 Developers Enhance Business Operations and Efficiency

Posted by Abel Willium on October 27th, 2023

The domain of AS/400 development is intriguing and fulfilling, but it is not widely known. However, what is AS/400 and what qualifications are needed to work as an AS/400 developer? We will cover the fundamentals of AS/400 development in this blog using straightforward language to make the subject accessible to everyone, even those who are not familiar with it.

What Exactly Is AS/400?

AS/400, or Application System/400, is a resilient and dependable computer system crafted by IBM. It has stood the test of time, renowned for its reliability and adaptability. AS/400 finds widespread use in various business applications, including data management and diverse software solutions.

If you're an AS/400 developer, your role centers on crafting, upkeeping, and enhancing software and applications designed to operate on this system.

Types of iSeries development

Maintenance and Application Development: Maintenance and application development on the iSeries platform involve ongoing support and enhancement of existing software applications. Typical tasks for this kind of development include bug fixes, performance optimization, and the addition of new features or functionality to already-existing applications.

In order to keep the software dependable, secure, and current, developers in this position collaborate closely with end users to comprehend their needs and make the required adjustments.

Application Modernization: Application modernization is the process of updating or transforming legacy applications running on the iSeries platform to make them more compatible with modern technology standards. This often involves transitioning from older programming languages and user interfaces to more contemporary ones. 

The objective is to lower maintenance costs, boost scalability, and enhance user experience. Moving from on-premises apps to cloud-based ones for increased accessibility and flexibility can also be a part of modernization.

Migration: Migration in the context of AS400 development refers to the transfer of software applications and data from one computing environment to another. This could include migrating applications from one iSeries system to another, moving from on-premises to cloud-based infrastructure, or transitioning between different operating systems.

Migration projects require careful planning to ensure that data integrity is maintained, and applications continue to function correctly in the new environment. It may also involve translating or recompiling code to be compatible with the target system and may encompass database migration as well.

Roles and Responsibilities of an AS/400 Developer

As an AS400 developer, your portfolio includes:

Application Development: Fabricating, altering, and optimizing software applications designed for operation on AS/400.

Database Management: Overseeing and preserving database systems on AS/400 to guarantee data integrity and operational efficiency.

System Integration: Seamlessly connecting AS/400 with other systems and applications to facilitate unobstructed data transfer.

Troubleshooting: Identifying and resolving software application and AS/400 system glitches.

Security Measures: Safeguarding the security of data and applications on AS400 by enforcing access controls and fortifying against potential threats.


AS/400, or Application System/400, is a robust and enduring computer system developed by IBM, widely utilized in various business applications. iSeries developers play a vital role in crafting, maintaining, and enhancing software and applications designed to run on this system. They are responsible for tasks ranging from application development and database management to system integration, troubleshooting, and ensuring the security of data and applications. The field of AS/400 development may not be widely known, but it offers a fulfilling and challenging career for those with the right qualifications and interest in this specialized domain

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