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Posted by Partsavatar on August 3rd, 2016

Side markers are a small but essential component for any vehicle. They do not affect the functioning or drivability but definitely help enhance the safety of your vehicle, you and your passengers, and people who are on the road. Without side markers, the safety of other vehicles and pedestrians remain at risk while taking a turn or keeping / parking the vehicle on the side of the road. These lights help in avoiding that risk. They reduce the danger of collision and accidents, and ensure the safety of everyone. Side markers are a legal requirement according to the traffic provisions of Canada and the USA such as the Highway Traffic Act. 

Their major function is to enable the driver to see if a vehicle is taking a turn or just keeping to a side so that the driver can stop or manoeuvre his or her vehicle and avoid the accident. A car that has been parked or has just stopped by the roadside is not clearly visible at dawn, dusk or night. However, if that vehicle has turned on its side marker indicators, the lights alert other vehicles and pedestrians to maintain a safe distance. 

According to a 1983 report based on ‘Statistical Analysis of North Carolina, Texas and Fatal Accident Reporting System’ data, side markers annually prevented 106,000 accidents, 93,000 non-fatal injuries and around USD 347 million of property damage. The data clearly shows that markers are undeniably effective in enhancing road safety. With so many more cars on the roads now than over 30 years ago, the importance of these markers has only grown over time. 

If your car does not have side markers or you have damaged the existing ones, then you should buy them and get them installed as soon as you can. Here is what you need to check when you are looking for these lights. 

Type: These markers are vehicle specific, and unless you are a motorhead and quite capable of modifying your car, you should not install side markers which are not compatible with your vehicle. However, there are quite a few designs out there, and it is up to you to decide what kind of look you want to give your car. Various brands design side markers with flashy color themes and chrome plating for different models of vehicles. You have to determine what type of front side marker you want for your vehicle and buy them accordingly. 

Brands and Choices: You can choose side markers from various brands and compare their price, quality, and functionality before making a purchase. Online shopping gives you a chance to compare between various brands. Many new brands sell their products at a low price so that they can gain an entry into the market. You can definitely choose one of them if they provide quality products. 

Price: While shopping online, you can compare the prices of various side markers. You can look at different quality levels among different brands. This will give you an idea about the quality and dependability of the brand. It will become easier for you to make a decision among the ones you like. You can also read consumer reviews and feedback for more awareness and choose the side markers accordingly. 

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