Why Should Your Organization Consider Power BI Consulting Services?

Posted by Abel Willium on November 2nd, 2023

Power BI, a comprehensive suite of business intelligence tools and services developed by Microsoft, is a revolutionary technology designed to transform raw data into interactive and actionable insights. With its integration of business analytics, data visualization, and reporting capabilities, Power BI empowers organizations to make informed, data-driven decisions by creating rich dashboards and facilitating business intelligence. 

Currently, Microsoft Power BI holds a substantial market share of 36% among available business intelligence software worldwide. The fact that an estimated 60-73% of company data stays unanalyzed is simply amazing. If you fall into this group, it is highly advised that you use Power BI to unleash the potential of your data. 

Here are the top 10 benefits of Power BI consulting services: 

Streamlined Data Management: Implementing Power BI results in streamlined data collection. Consultants can assist in seamlessly collecting data from various sources and centralizing it, eliminating the need to rely on multiple data sources. 

Enhanced Data Security: Data security is a paramount concern for businesses globally. Power BI offers Row Level Security (RLS), allowing management to provide role-based access to employees, ensuring that only authorized individuals can access sensitive data. 

Timely Reporting: Microsoft consistently provides updates to Power BI, including enhancements to data models, visualization tools, connectors, and more on a monthly basis. Experienced Power BI consultants can guide you in leveraging these updates for interactive reporting. 

Seamless Integration: Power BI interfaces with a variety of Microsoft technologies, including Azure, Excel, and Dynamics 365. With the help of Power BI consulting services, it can also be linked with other technologies like as Google Analytics, Salesforce, Hadoop, and Spark. 

Rich Data Insights: Power BI consultation facilitates the transformation of data into actionable insights in real time. Consultants assist in creating a roadmap for effectively utilizing data through dashboarding, analysis, and reporting. 

Cost-Effectiveness: Power BI cost is an affordable option compared to other business intelligence tools in the market, catering to businesses of all sizes. Under the Power BI umbrella, multiple tools are available, allowing you to choose according to your needs. You can start with the free tool, Power BI Desktop, and gradually progress with the guidance of consultants. 

Low Technical Expertise Requirement: Power BI doesn't demand coding expertise from users, making it accessible to employees at all levels of your organization. However, experts are essential to ensure proper implementation. 

Multi-Platform Usage: Power BI offers versatility in accessibility, catering to an array of platforms, encompassing desktops, smartphones, online services, and the cloud. This dynamic tool presents users with the option of free or premium versions, empowering businesses to make informed decisions with the support of seasoned experts. 

Self-Service Analytics: Power BI consultants can guide you in implementing self-service analytics, allowing your business to utilize the tool without dependency on external experts. 

Maintenance & Support: Although Power BI is user-friendly, consultants are there to offer support and solutions for any issues that may arise during usage. Their involvement spans from the initial planning of Power BI integration to implementation and migration. 


Power BI is a powerful business intelligence tool that can significantly benefit your organization, especially when implemented under the guidance of experts. Power BI consulting services assist in understanding your business needs, training employees, and optimizing data flow to align with your specific requirements.  

Power BI delivers solutions for organizations, corporations, and industries of all sizes, regardless of industry. You can guarantee that you have the proper solution at your disposal in the long run with the help of BI consulting services. 

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