Types of Wilton Clamps

Posted by Henry.Wilsonn on August 3rd, 2016

When it comes to handling equipment, Wilton has made a name for itself with its prolific range of high quality products. Wilton clamps and vises are synonymous with quality and it doesn't make any difference what class of consumer you belong to as Wilton clamps serve everyone equally well. The highlights of Wilton's product line are premium production materials, second to none engineering and lasting durability that tends to impress.

Wilton manufactures a range of clamps that can be used for a multitude of tasks. Largely, Wilton clamps can be divided into two broad categories, namely F-clamps and C-clamps. These names are attributed to their respective product classes because of their shape.


Wilton sells four different types of F-clamps and each category is designed to serve specific tasks making it easier for the common day to day tradesman to choose and pick.

Spark Duty F-Clamps

Featuring copper spindle, this range of clamps can be considered the flagship variety. They come equipped with trademark Wilton grip that claims to be the most ergonomic and anti fatigue grip in the industry. These clamps are ideal for industrial welding.

Welders Shoe Clamps

Shoe clamps are great when you need a set up that mimics an assembly line. They are designed as such that it is convenient to move work pieces in and out of the assembly. These well made F-clamps are durable and serve well in repetitive tasks. These are ideal for high efficiency jobs, production work and repetitive welding.

Classic Clamps

Featuring the most common F-clamp design, classic clamps get the job done old school style. This is the type that industry hugely relies on for its range of tasks and applications. This series of Wilton clamps comes with replaceable parts so you can maintain your equipment.

Lever Clamps

When you need to save time, lever clamps offer a solution. With a design that lacks spindle, these clamps provide a system where you can work efficiently with your welding pieces. This range also features a quick trigger release for versatility.


Just like the range of F-clamps, Wilton also offers C-clamps in four different types where each variety of clamps is designed to serve a specific kind of task or tasks.

USA Brute Force Clamps

These clamps are the flagships in C-clamp range. Brute force Wilton clamps feature a drop forged frame, black oxide coating and clamping pressure up to 40,000 lbs. The spindles on these clamps are full length made from tempered and hardened steel. These clamps are ideal for bridge building, heavy construction, heavy fabrication and ship building.

Regular Duty Clamps

As the name suggests, these are the general purpose clamps that can be used in steel fabrication and industrial welding. They also feature a drop forged construction and a copper plated spindle that can resist welding spatter. These clamps have a v-grooved anvil to securely hold all types of materials.

Light Duty Clamps

Featuring a black oxide coating, vibrating head and sliding cross pin handle, Wilton's light duty C-clamps can manage clamping pressures up to 2800 lbs. These clamps can do well in home craftsman tasks, light industrial applications, repairs and light to medium duty woodworking.

Specialty Clamps

There comes a time when regular clamps are of no help and you need something different. That's where Wilton specialty clamps come into play. Made of high quality cast iron and designed and engineered to perform your specific tasks, these clamps can get the job done. These clamps can be used for light industrial tasks, welding, woodworking, tasks requiring deep reach and everyday production work.

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