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Posted by tom8899 on August 4th, 2016

Throughout history, flags and banners have represented the beliefs and purposes of those who carry them. Flown as signals, rallying points, and standards of identification, flags define battle lines and give direction and encouragement. They declare the victory and identify the one in authority. They are an outward expression of the praise that is in our hearts. To raise a banner or a flag, is a form of expression, to demonstrate to the world the presence of God in our lives, the kingdom of God itself, the triumph over the enemy, a celebration of victory, the establishment of Divine Powers. It is a useful tool to use as a form of presenting God’s kingdom.

According to the dictionary, the word “flag” stands for a piece of cloth usually rectangular, of distinctive color and design, used as a symbol, standard, signal, or emblem. This word is not used in the Bible in the same context. The definition of what we commonly refer to as a “flag” is called a “banner” or “ensign” in the Bible. The flags and banners for worship used in the ministry are symbolic. Symbolism is used in a lot of scriptures. When Jesus spoke in parables, he used symbolism to hide the mysteries of the gospel from some and revealed it to others.

Flags and banners are very effective weapons to use against Satan and his armies. By using these instruments of praise and worship you are entering into spiritual warfare. When flags and banners are lifted as a statement, it becomes a wave offering to the lord. The diversity of colors represents the multi-faceted dimensions in how our adoration can glorify God for his unique and phenomenally awesome character. They are for a joyful celebration of His presence in our lives so that we can achieve what we deserve based on our Karma.

If you are also one of the die-hard believers in God and his powers then raise a flag to praise His ominous present. You can buy worship flags and banners for sale to hang outside or entryways in order to do the world of good. Banners that incorporate biblical symbol and/or texts in creative designs can help us proclaim God’s truth. The banners in our sanctuaries can encourage us to follow our captain in the battle against our enemy, Satan. Especially important in our visual culture, today, flags and banners can serve as visual statements that speak and stay with God’s people even longer than the spoken word.

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