Barry Sullivan Contributed to the Purchase of RECOL

Posted by jfab67 on August 4th, 2016

 There is a growing need for digital solutions and companies that are aware of that have a lot to gain. A&A Office Systems is such a company, one that offers a variety of services such as document management, capture and distribution solutions. Its VP, Barry Sullivan, made a wonderful acquisition, one that increased the company’s profit and visibility.

At A&A Office systems you will find black and white multifunctional photocopiers, digital color photocopiers, duplicators, wide format products, printers, fax machines, scanners and data cabling solutions among others. But that is not it. Thanks to its recent purchase of RECOL, a data center, this company provides its customers office systems, business leasing plans, storage and management, device management, output and security and first class computer networking solutions.

If you need any of the above mentioned services you should not hesitate to contact the staff at  A&A Office Systems. They will be more than happy to assist you and to inform you about your options. This company has expanded thanks to the purchase of RECOL and although the financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed, it looks like this was a very smart investment. Indeed, Vice President Barry Sullivan should be proud of this purchase. Thanks to RECOL, A&A is now able to deliver a variety of services to businesses and organizations.

It is common knowledge that businesses no longer print as much as they used to.  Therefore, there is less demand for print and copying equipment. On the other hand, there is an increased demand for digital storage solutions. A successful company is one that can offer both and A&A is such a company. There are many organizations that try to keep up with technology and that seem to have turned their attention towards digital storage solutions. This doesn’t mean that these organizations have stopped printing or copying documents. It just means that they feel safer to have both.

The management at A&A, and more precisely Barry Sullivan, does everything in its power to meet the evolving needs of its customers. This is why it purchased RECOL, and it has proved to be a very wise decision. Currently, A&A provides Internet services and it offers its customers the guidance they need to make the most suitable IT decisions. It is a lot easier to decide what you need when you receive detailed information about the available services and the way they work. Organizations that want to benefit from first class print technology and Internet solutions should not hesitate to contact the staff at A&A.

If you would like to learn more about A&A Office systems and the services it offers you have come to the right place. Barry Sullivan Portland CT plays an important part when it comes to the success of this company.

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