How To Close Malware Pop-Up Window Securely?

Posted by Phone Help Desk on August 5th, 2016

Pop-up is an, actually, unwanted window that appears automatically on your system without having your permission. It is specially designed to infect your system with adware, malware, virus and many other harmful interruptions. Nowadays, pop-ups have become a very serious problem for all PC users, as it completely makes you incapable of accessing your system. This usually comes with different types of ads that compel you to take their services and sometimes they automatically get installed in your system without informing you. These pop-ups window are so irritating that you cannot close it easily. Thus in this critical situation, you should immediately look for a proper support helpline for windows pop-up virusso that you can safely remove these harmful interruptions.

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These Pop-ups usually appear when you download any software from unauthorized sites. As you download the software, then there are many malware, adware and virus that also get downloaded with the software. These adware and malware further start appearing as pop-ups windows on your system and as soon as you click on it to close or remove, then either other windows appear or any unwanted software automatically get installed in your system. These are so annoying that you cannot close it and you completely become unable to access your system, so here you need to close it in a proper way.

Before removing these Pop-ups, you need to check for all the updates in your system with the help of technical support phone number for windows update issues. If any update is required, then you first need to update the software of your system. Now, to remove these pop-ups in a secured way, you just go through some of the points shown below:

  • Never click anywhere in your Pop-up window whether it’s a close or cancel button.
  • To close these pop-ups in a safe way, you can use the task bar.
  • You can also use Windows Task Manager to close the pop-ups window.
  • Press Ctrl, Alt and Del key together, and click on the Task Manager Button.
  • Now, click on the Application tab in Task Manger.
  • Now, choose Pop-up window from the list.
  • Now, click on End task button.

In this way, you can safely close these pop-ups windows and could save your system from unwanted downloading of malicious software that could harm your system. For avoiding Pop-ups, you can also have Pop-up virus tech support. Their experts will assist you to remove these harmful pop-ups permanently to secure your system.

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