Dental Management Software - The Priority of Price

Posted by Rajpatil on August 5th, 2016

Nothing, as the adage goes, is cheaper than something free. And while that might hold for, say, free samples at the supermarket, it's not necessarily valid when you're talking about dental billing software or dental management software in general. If you're the type of person who often gets the freeware version of any given program, you might want to rethink that strategy for the software you plan to use in your dental office.

It's a Free (Software) Country:

All you'd need to do to get software for your dental office is to go online, do a quick web search for free software and then download what catches your eye. No hefty payments or troublesome registrations need ever be involved, thanks to the countless independent software programmers out there. But as appreciated as their contribution might be, free software from the Internet isn't exactly the best choice for your office.

One of the biggest problems you're bound to encounter with free software is the limited feature set. Most of the free applications out there only take care of one or two tasks that are usually delegated to dental management software. Software 1 might handle just dental billing; Software 2 might handle just patient histories, and so on. But if you piece them together, you should have a pretty solid set of features, right? Wrong.

The Big Flaw of 'Free':

Considering that a different person made each program, it's no surprise that each piece of freeware that you get from the web accesses and handles data in a different way. Those differences make interoperability a very rare occurrence, if it does happen at all. There's even a good chance that you lose a lot of data as information is passed from one program to the next. And you don't really want to take risks with your patients' sensitive info.

That right there is the biggest advantage of premium dental management software. Even if you do end up paying something, you're assured of the quality of the product. You're also sure that you can comfortably and easily use all the features of the application together, even if they address different record-keeping tasks. It's costlier, yes, but it's also much, much more efficient and effective in the long run.

Paid Software Has a Plus:

Aside from the functionality and interoperability advantage, there's another plus to paying for the software you'll use for your dental practice. Management software sold by established companies usually has a dedicated technical and customer support team. That means you've got somebody that you can call and ask for help whenever something isn't working as it should be. Now that's convenience!

Free software from the Internet, on the other hand, will at most give you a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) or a user forum. That's basically their way of telling you "The dental computer software's free anyway, so go solve the problem yourself." When there's a large amount of sensitive patient records at stake, that's not a very good message to hear.

Rest assured that reputable software packages like DentiMax dental office solutions won't let you down. Aside from its strong feature set, DentiMax also comes with a customer support hotline that'll help you solve your issues with the program. It's a dental management software package that you'll really learn to rely on - because it can be relied upon.

In terms of financial expense, paid software will obviously cost you more money. But when you consider all the things that rely on your dental management software, you'll have to agree that paid software adds up to be the better option.


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