The developers seem to think FFXIII has a good story

Posted by fanzhou on August 6th, 2016

While some characters actually undergo change, motivations are thin, non-existent, or transparent from the start. At times, one has no idea why characters act and respond the way they do. Again, the codex explains some things, but this should not be necessary. Inter-party relationships offer some potential for attachment, but they too fail to evoke an emotional response. No one can be taken seriously in FFXIII thanks to sentimental, sappy dialogue through and through. FFXIV Gil I tried valiantly to connect with the cast and feel something, but I could only suspend my disbelief and intellect so long. In the end, I had to laugh.Annoying and unlikable non-player characters also make FFXIII even more difficult to digest. What few NPCs turn up during the story represent some of the worst in character design, voice acting, and characterization. The major and minor villains are a handful of zero charisma losers, and the rebel group NORA makes me want to kill or be killed.

The main cast is as inconsistent as the rest of FFXIII. Lightning's early potential fizzles out, although she's still the least unlikable character (different from "most likable.") Sahz is a bag of clichés that escape in droves every time he opens his mouth. FF14 Gil Otherwise, he's one of the better characters, even though he's the subject of innumerable old man jokes despite his relatively young age. Snow is big, dumb and unpleasantly altruistic. Vanille is the embodiment of an obvious defense mechanism: covering sinister secrets with yippees, smiles, and stupid hand gestures. An altogether awful creature. Hope undergoes the most change and is surprisingly likable at times, despite being a nebbish for half the game. I almost forgot to mention Fang.In a game so heavily plotted where dungeons are constructed to move the plot along at a rapid pace, a shoddy story, poorly developed characters, and a bogus script are unforgivable. The developers seem to think FFXIII has a good story, which only shows all the more that the writers at Square Enix are a panel of boobs with no conception of good storytelling. Unsettling, is it not? Story and combat are FFXIII's only major methods of expressing itself. It's rather simple, and like a baby, has not developed higher functioning. Strip away the story, and one is left with a long string of battles. FFXIII's lack of exploration and linear dungeon design may advance the story without interruption, but when that story has little to offer, problems arise. Final Fantasy XIV Gil Players may find no motivation to continue when the story comes and goes in quality and eventually drops out entirely. When that happens one's only motivation may be to play FFXIII to beat it and pursue better games.

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