3 Lessons from Ironman Last Man Standing & 2 Advice for Jagex to Fix

Posted by loveRS on August 6th, 2016

Last Man Standing has been released on Old School Runescape August 4. During the beta, it has drawn thousands of attentions among OSRS players. Though it would consume millions of runescape gold 2007, people cannot wait to rush into it without any hesitation. People cannot stop until some of them lost their only ultimate ironman account.
OSRS LMD has a risk so that people should be cautious!
To be honest, OSRS Last Man Standing is much like a gamble. The official give an accurate definition: 24 players go in, one winner comes out. A single night after RS07 LMS released, an ironman played this minigame on his ultimate ironman account, and unfortunately he lost all his items.
Three lessons learnt from Ultimate Ironman LMS
We all know how important the items are for players and how many hours players spent in earning all these items. I feel pity for that, and also have learnt two lessons from it:
First, do not be in a hurry to succeed. There is no doubt that rs Last Man Standing has drawn tons of attentions during the beta, but we should never take the risk with our only account. Moreover, it is UIM!
Second, 07 rs Last Man Standing is gold-consuming! You need to take down the other 23 players and make yourself stand out, so you have to prepare enough runescape gold 2007 legit before you step into this game. Or you will be kicked out. BTW, I have a rs 2007 gp coupon code “” from rsorder, which offers 6% off.
Third, it’s very necessary to find a guide how to win Last Man Standing in OSRS match. I have found on rsorder, and put it into practice. It took effect for me.
Two suggestions for Jagex about LMS
I want to say thanks to Jagex at first. Thanks for making such a wonderful game, and I played it for years and got lots of fun from it. More importantly, I feel appreciated that Jagex always respects players’ suggestions. And this time, please reconsider the following two things about Runesacape Last Man Standing:
First, when we players die in LMS, please make sure that that count as a safe death. No one can suffer from all items missing like that ever.
Second, please make a refund to that guy, for he loses his items to a bug and it's not his fault.
Last, when you put the so-called “high strakes weekends” into the real game in the coming months, please make sure that we never lose everything but pay a lot for the entrance fee.
Frankly, I enjoy myself in OSRS Last Man Standing now and await more in this minigame, like new maps, player design competition and even high stakes weekends. BTW, RSorder is really a good site for RS, and you can get both some rs guide and cheap rs 2007 gold. Wish you like amd good luck for all!


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