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Posted by articlelink01 on August 6th, 2016

Babies are born with blankets around them. If you check out any picture of a new born baby on the social networks you will all of them wrapped in white or baby pink blankets which are soft and cute. Well we all love and adore the baby with blankets and the coziness they reciprocate through it. Blankets have been into use for babies to protect them from the possible cold air, unwanted dust or harsh environment outside and help them stay warm and comforted. And that is why blankets have been a very intricate part of baby’s caring.

Well baby blankets are very different from the regular blankets we use and this is not just in respect of the size but also in terms of the softness, cleanliness and sanitizing. Baby blankets, available at, are made of small size which vary for babies of different age and is changeable with their growth. The two major sizes that they are sold at are:

-         Stroller: The stroller baby blanket is of the size 22x28 inches and is perfect for newborns

-         Crib: The crib baby blanket has 30x40 inches and is good for a little bigger child.

Anything bigger than the usual size is difficult to wrap around the baby and carry them out! Baby blankets are available in various fabric choices. You can opt for a luxurious cashmere baby blanket that looks fabulous and is very comfortable or a simple synthetic blanket to save from the extra care going into the cleaning and maintenance of the baby blanket. Most of the young mothers prefer 100% cotton baby blankets as it is very comforting, is pure and keeps the temperature into check.

Baby blankets are treasures for babies and they recognize the smell of their blankets and feel comfortable when wrapped with it. They tend to fall asleep faster and for longer time with the baby blankets around them. Baby blankets have been the ultimate requirement while having a baby. However with the normal baby blankets there has come a changing phase and demands have risen towards more of custom made and designer baby blankets. The most popular one being the baby boy blankets and the baby girl blankets. Where baby boy blankets have simple and strong block colors into use, the baby girl blankets have been extremely experimenting ones with varied prints and soft colors reflecting sweet and dolled up images of girls. Baby girl blankets are available with close custom designs to Cinderella, Rapunzel and other tales and prints inspired from them.

Baby girl blankets are available in wider range and are selling like hot cakes because of the lavish designs and beautiful colors that appeal to the mothers. Baby girl blankets come in rose pink, soft fuchsia and even soft grey-blue combination with a lot of feminine touch to it. Baby blankets can be customized according to one’s own choice, which can be a work of embroidery, color, font, or some special message printed into it. Baby blankets also come in sets where each piece has the baby name written on it.

Baby girl blankets are lovey-dovey ones and convey beauty at its sight. Baby blankets not only serve as baby body warmers but also a treasure to the family. They make for the ultimate pieces of heritage and add up to memories.

Baby blankets are the ultimate essentials of a baby and keep them safe and warm throughout. baby girl blankets come in soft colors and fabrics and depict the feminism and sweetness through its designs.

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