What are Your Mom Fantasies?

Posted by kelvin ray on August 7th, 2016

Mom fantasies? You can tell me all about them. I am a wet dream mommy. I have been told I ooze sex appeal. I am the epitome of a mommy phone sex. Natural red head. Stacked. Seductive. And horny all the time. I woke up in the middle of the night with an itch only a young boy can scratch. I love my husband, but I wanted a much younger cock. I entered the room of one of our sleeping sons. At first, I just sort of watched him sleep. He was clearly having a wet dream. His cock was hard. The sheets were wet from nocturnal emissions. I could only hope he was dreaming of me. I dream about his young throbbing cock all the time. What mommy doesn't dream of her young son's stiff cock up her wet mommy pussy? I crawled under the sheets and sucked him awake. He moaned for a bit before he realized I was between his legs. "Oh mommy that feels so good. I was just dreaming of you too," he informed me. I slurped up all the pre cum dripping from the head of his dick. Tasted amazing. Chock full of protein for a cum slut mommy. He begged me to ride his dick. How could I say no to my son? I couldn’t. I guided his hard shaft up my pussy. I sat all my weight down on his cock. Balls deep. As I pushed up and down his cock, his hands found their way to my big tits. Boys his age love boobs. I have a nice rack to amuse the young ones. As he squeezed my jugs, I squeezed his cock with my tight pussy. Before long, I was squirting mommy juice on his cock and he was spraying my womb with boy batter. I kissed him on the forehead and went back to bed. I slept amazingly too. Sometimes all we need is a little mommy son sex to sleep like kitten.

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