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Posted by max wilson on August 8th, 2016

Searching for ways to generate immediate income? Looking forward to supplement long-term investments? There’s one solution that can help you accomplish your objectives in the best possible way. It is the selling options strategy! In case you haven’t heard the saying, “Options are made to be sold”, learn that it is definitely one of the most fruitful ways that people opt for. So, if you want to make consistent money trading options then go ahead with the option of selling them and ditch the idea of purchasing options. Want to earn massive profit? Other than using your entire account for sale, sell options that would expire in a couple weeks or a couple of months. Having said, let’s shed light on option strategies now! 

If you want to jump in the game of options, make sure you possess complete knowledge about all the option strategies in the first place. Know that for limiting the risk and expanding the return, you would have to understand the advantage of flexibility and complete power of options for trading purposes. 

Those who are new to the field, learn that there are many option trading strategies such as covered call, bull & bear spreads, calendar & time spreads, iron condor, etc. But, what lies in their base is options spreads. When it comes to options trading, option spreads are created by the simultaneous purchase and sale of options of the same class on the same underlying security, but with dissimilar strike prices and/or expiration dates. Talking about credit spread option strategy, it involves purchase of one option and sale of another option in the same class and expiration, but having distinct strike prices. As far as the iron condor option strategy is concerned, it is a little complex and requires the investor to simultaneously hold a long and short position in two different strangle strategies. 

Want to know more about how to combine two credit spreads to create an iron condor? You can contact one of the best advisory and investment firms to gain detailed knowledge about the same. There are innumerable firms that offer advisory services related to options trading. Make sure you consult a well-recognized name in the field of options trading advisory & investment services with appropriate experience in all the non-directional, options selling trading services.

That said, don’t waste any more time. Go ahead and contact a celebrated options trading advisory and investment services firm today!

Author’s Bio: The author is an avid blogger. This article is about option spreads, credit spread option strategy, and iron condor option strategy. For more information visit:www.monthlycashthruoptions.com

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