A Brief Exploration Guide for Those Who Have Northern Lite Truck Campers in Cana

Posted by justin copper on August 9th, 2016

Travelling in itself is fun and thrilling but when you are able to find Northern Lite truck campers for long journey, it becomes more enjoyable because you know you are in complete control of wherever it is that you want to go. Once you’ve got the right Northern Lite truck campers in Canada, it is a good idea to start exploring in a systematic way. Preparing your bucket list, To-Dos, and shortlisting the travel destinations within Canada seems to be the right way for a beginner. We’ve got a few hotspots covered right here.

Safaris, Parks, Grasslands and Outdoor Activities:
For lovers of nature and wildlife, the most ideal places would be British Columbia, Nova Scotia and the provincial parks of Saskatchewan. If, however,  you would like to take refreshing splashes into waterfalls, Quebec City and New Brunswick should be at the top of your “places to visit” list.

Islands and Beaches:
This list is exclusively for water lovers:
Vancouver Island
Prince Edward Island

And, if you are into digging up the past, you must drive that RV to some ‘must see’ destinations in Alberta’s Badlands such as:
Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology
Horseshoe Canyon
Dinosaur Provincial Park
Midland Provincial Park
Pipestone Creek Bone-bed
Devil’s Coulee
Dry Island Buffalo Jump Provincial Park

Also, you can try these guided tours for a thrilling experience:
Red Deer River Adventures
Drumheller Guided Ghost Walk Tour
A variety of dinosaur and geology tours

Your Northern Lite camper can take you over long distances; which means you have all the more reason to plan an elaborate tour of Canada. It is also likely that these trips will bring you face to face with places and experiences that you never expected nor knew of their existence or possibility. Then of course, comes the food. When you are on the wheels, you increase your chances of discovering something truly unique and memorable on your way. It could be a lesser known local eatery or just some cuisine that is not so mainstream; or is not that well-known but somebody chose to preserve the classic recipe! Instead of hanging out at the most popular restaurants and food joints, these local points may turn out to be more enriching and interesting at the same time. Cooking on your own in your camper is always the top choice when it is about getting all the fun and luxury of having a ‘home on wheels’.

You can make your trips more enjoyable if you include more people with you and if these people are your closest friends, you can look forward to some of the most unforgettable journeys and stories on the road.

Author’s bio: The author is an avid blogger. This article serves as a guide for those who wish to explore by driving Northern Lite truck campers in Canada.
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