Cleanroom Airflow Mechanism, Airflow Principles And Equipment

Posted by Airtech Equipment Pte Ltd on November 21st, 2023

Maintaining a consistent airflow within the clean room is a matter of expertise and skilful installation and operation. Since the cleanrooms have to be maintained and kept under constant surveillance, for the efficient performance, it has to be equipped with the best possible device and gadgets. Cleanrooms generally have to keep up with a steady flow of particulate free air, which usually is achieved through installing HEPA or ULPA filters that work on the principles of laminar or turbulent airflow.       

In general laminar airflow systems contribute to about more than 75 percentages of cleanroom air filter systems. In these systems, the main components that are employed in the construction of the filters and the hoods is commonly stainless steel, in order to prevent unwanted airborne or object particles from entering into the area. Multidirectional air flow systems use laminar air flow hoods as well as non-specific speed filters in order to keep the air flow constant in a cleanroom.

Nevertheless, there are certain recommendations and limits that are set in for controlling the microbial contamination. This criterion that is set in for the control of level of microbes happens to be very stringent, especially in case of pharmaceutical clean-rooms. Clean rooms in some cases make use of ultraviolet light in order to attain disinfection of the air in a specific area. Ultraviolet devices that beam UV rays are conveniently placed in key points so that the beams scatter and disinfect the entire area by eradicating the infectious elements.

Ultra violet light has been a preferred method of non-contact sterilization that is employed to achieve sterile environments, especially in hospitals and their operating rooms. Being a contactless mode of disinfection the UV drastically reduces dependence on biochemical decontaminators which at times may cause allergies and irritation. Maintaining a positive pressure in a cleanroom is another significant point, by doing so the inside air that leaks out, get out from the chamber rather than giving room to contaminated air entering. Semiconductor manufacturing units follow this aspect because; even minute extents of particulate matter in a possible leakage would spoil the whole system.

Airtech is one of the leading companies in manufacturing, cleanroom equipment of high quality which complies with the global cleanroom technology. Commencing its operation in the year 1984, the company has been supplying cleanroom airflow devices and has also been actively installing and maintaining the devices for peak performances. Airtech Equipment is one of the pioneers providing value-added services like site testing, commissioning and allied services. Designed in accordance to specific client necessities it also offers customized testing facilities as well.

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