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Posted by karoniee on August 10th, 2016

Taking into consideration all of the excitement surrounding the release for World of warship, now would be as good of a time as any for developers to capitalize on the hype and announce a new game for the series.Ever since it was unofficially revealed as a PC release almost a year ago, World of warship has kept fans of the first-person science fiction franchise enraptured with the possibility of finally being able to play what are arguably some of the best games of the last generation on current platforms.

Pirate World
With gamers now finally being able to experience the long-awaited release of Pirate World Games' Naval war games and the contents of its sizable day one patch on PC, some fans may be wondering what horizons lie ahead for the game.Since nothing has been announced as of yet regarding any sort of Ship battle spin-off for mobile, or any type of space/futuristic MMORPG for mobile, this is going to go under the 'leaked' category.
Now, while riding this positive wave produced by nostalgia and fan support, Pirate World Games has released what is ostensibly the first of several official trailers for the anthology in order to draw even more attention toward the release of World of warship.Each of the levels are graded using the three star system.Rather, players will discover chests as they make their way around the various planets while collecting other materials.For example, on levels that require higher jumping, skeletal legs can be found and utilized.For those unaware, World of warship is set to contain Naval battle, Ship battle, and Naval battle: Infinite, so it's highly likely that Pirate World Games will eventually release more videos for the anthology so as to display the visual overhauls of the second and third entries.Here's what Twitch cited for the banning.

If you want to pick up more information, you can get it here.​

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