Clarke's vision extends beyond Scotland's qualification for the Euro Cup 2024

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In the past, the idea of the Scotland Euro Cup 2024 Squad spending the pre-match preparation period in Georgia at a training facility in Antalya might have been considered extravagant. Given the historical absence of Scotland from major tournaments, financial prudence was a priority. However, the tide has turned for Scotland under the management of Steve Clarke, marked by visible success.

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This shift in fortune allows Clarke to have the resources and support he desires. For instance, when he expressed the need for a luxurious five-star hotel as the team's base in Glasgow, the Scottish Football Association readily acquiesced to his request. The visit to Turkey this week was arranged well in advance, with the anticipation that the match in Tbilisi on Thursday might carry significant importance.

However, after securing their spot in Euro 2024 last month, there was never any consideration of altering these plans. The consecutive qualifications for the European Championship have significantly bolstered the financial resources of the Scottish Football Association. Steve Clarke's successful efforts on the field have shifted the focus away from those overseeing the national sport who may not have garnered much admiration.

Consequently, when the manager signals a need or preference. It is met with a prompt and affirmative response. As Steve Clarke navigates through this double-header – with Norway set to play in Glasgow on Sunday – he finds himself contemplating various aspects. While Scotland Euro Cup side’s qualification for the upcoming tournament in Germany has been a cause for celebration.

Strategic Friendlies and Euro Cup 2024 Clarke's Vision Unveiled

Clarke remains vigilant about the potential pitfalls of complacency. Although the loss to France in Lille wasn't catastrophic. It marked the third consecutive defeat for the Scots, a trend that doesn't sit comfortably with the manager. Steve Clarke strategically agreed to friendlies against formidable opponents like France and England, and Scotland faced Spain in October.

All with the short- and medium-term goals in mind.  Acknowledging the challenges ahead, Clarke understands that Scotland's success in major tournaments. Particularly progressing to the second phase hinges on their ability to perform exceptionally well against top-tier competition. The encounters with elite teams serve as crucial tests and preparation for the demanding scenarios that lie ahead.

Following this, Steve Clarke will guide his team into the top section of the Nations League, a challenging prospect considering the dominance of France and England (despite their relegation from Group A, their prowess remains evident) against Scotland. Despite facing strong opposition, Clarke's team finds themselves in the dilemma of figuring out how to progress to the next level based solely on their commendable performances.

The challenge lies in identifying the strategies and improvements needed to take the next step in their footballing journey. One of the manager's most significant triumphs has been his emphasis on the collective ability of the team. This is evident in Scotland Euro 2024 side’s progress, notably surpassing a group that includes Erling Haaland's Norway.

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In a key victory against Spain earlier this year, the team featured Lyndon Dykes from Queens Park Rangers as the central forward, highlighting the team's strength as a cohesive unit rather than relying solely on individual star power.

Clarke's Approach to Building a Competitive Team

While Scotland boasts talent, particularly in wing-back and midfield positions. There’s still a noticeable absence of a decisive playmaker in the final third. Privately, Steve Clarke must acknowledge that this could become a challenge as the competition intensifies. The limited depth in his resource pool becomes evident with injuries to key players like Andy Robertson and Kieran Tierney.

The absence of Angus Gunn leaves a significant gap in the goalkeeping department. As the qualifiers conclude, Scotland may find themselves fielding a patchwork side, highlighting the challenges posed by a relatively small squad. Scotland, under Steve Clarke, presents an appealing opportunity for players.

Clarke's confidence in the team environment is such that he doesn't aggressively pursue individuals solely based on familial ties, even if they could qualify for the squad. Recent discussions have included names like Archie Gray and Tino Livramento, reflecting the interest of players who see Scotland as a viable international platform.

In the past, Elliot Anderson was briefly hailed as the great Scottish hope, underlining the ongoing quest to identify and nurture promising talents within the national team. Clarke's approach suggests a commitment to building a squad based on merit and commitment rather than pursuing players purely for their eligibility.

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The Newcastle midfielder appeared poised to commit to Steve Clarke's team, only to make a swift departure from training before the September trip to Cyprus. If Elliot Anderson, who holds as much Scottish heritage as Paddington Bear, felt uneasy about the situation.  He deserves praise rather than criticism for choosing to step back.

From Immediate Goals to the Bigger Picture in Euro 2024

At 21 years old, and still working towards securing regular starts at the club level, Anderson should be given the autonomy to determine his international future. A more intriguing pursuit, based on experience, was Scotland's attempt to recruit Harvey Barnes. The 25-year-old appeared prepared to declare for the Scottish Euro Cup 2024 side before suffering a significant foot injury.

If Barnes makes a successful return to the Newcastle side in the new year, there's a reasonable expectation that he could set his sights on the Euros. However, for this to become a serious prospect, Barnes would need to be selected and deliver a strong performance in the March-friendly window.

Drawing parallels to Ché Adams, who declared for Scotland just months before the delayed Euro 2020 finals. Barnes' inclusion would undoubtedly bolster the Scottish squad, adding valuable depth and talent. The options within Scotland's Under-21 squad are currently limited. Ben Doak's progression at Liverpool hasn't unfolded as swiftly as anticipated, with injuries playing a part in this.

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While Doak's style of direct running and pace aligns well with what Scotland's senior team requires, he needs to secure consistent playing time at the first-team level to further his development. Scotland's memories of encounters in Georgia in 2007 and 2015 were painful. As defeats occurred when qualification was within reach.

The current campaign, however, carries less immediate pressure. Steve Clarke's primary focus is on restoring a straightforward winning culture that has proven successful for him. While aiming for short-term success, Clarke maintains a broader perspective, recognizing the importance of a bigger picture to ensure that Scotland isn't just participating but is competitive in the upcoming Euro Cup 2024 in Germany.
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