Selling Your Company Culture to Manufacturing Candidates

Posted by Local Skill on November 28th, 2023

Finding and hiring great manufacturing talent is tougher than ever before. With an aging workforce and skills gap, manufacturing companies have to get creative to attract qualified candidates. But highlighting your company culture can give you an edge.

When people think "manufacturing company," they often think of rigid corporate policies, old-school management, and clock-watching production workers. But today's innovative manufacturing organizations are breaking that stereotype. Showcasing your modern company culture has become a key recruitment strategy for manufacturing hiring agencies.

So how do you sell candidates on your company culture? Here are some tips:

Highlight Unique Benefits

Don't just rehash the same old benefits like two weeks paid time off and health insurance. Dig into what makes your culture unique. Do you offer paid volunteer days or reimburse continuing education? Emphasize any perks that show you invest in employees' wellbeing and growth.

Introduce Key Leaders

Don't just describe the culture - let your people demonstrate it. Have HR introduce candidates to department managers and longtime employees. Let them share their experience and explain why they love working for you. Nothing sells culture like authentic employee advocates.

Showcase Workplace Environment

Help candidates visualize themselves at your company by giving a behind-the-scenes tour. Show off an on-site cafe, fitness center, or rec area. Point out recent upgrades like sit-stand desks or ergonomic equipment. Show how you support both productivity and employee comfort.

Profile Employee Achievements

Brag a little! Manufacturing hiring agencies should highlight company newsletters or break room posters that congratulate safety records, anniversaries, project launches, or team awards. Social proof of your culture in action is very persuasive.

Discuss Training Opportunities

Assure candidates that they'll have support to keep growing. Explain the onsite, online, and on-the-job training programs available. Outline your mentorship initiatives, tuition reimbursement policy, and skills development partnerships.

Final Thoughts

Manufacturing companies can better attract in-demand talent by making your culture a central part of your employer brand. Candidates want to know their work has a purpose, their contributions are valued, and they have room to develop skills and advance their careers. Convey that, and you'll have an edge over outdated "factory job" stereotypes.

What manufacturing candidate wouldn't be excited to join a cutting-edge company culture like yours?

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