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Posted by Kredit wala on December 1st, 2023

Credit cards and Insurance have changed the mechanism of the financial world for many people now. You are getting a superb opportunity to make money online by selling credit cards and Insurance. You can start with 0 investment charges with monthly payouts worth Rs 100,000 at the ease of your home. This opportunity is especially for housewives, retired professionals, students, etc. who want to earn a side income. Start making money today with ease at Kreditwala.

Become a Kreditwala Partner and Start Earning Commissions on Credit Card Sales

Kreditwala is one of the most impactful fintech companies that aims to empower the people of PAN India by providing a strong opportunity to start your business with zero cost of investment and earn more than 100,000 per month of commissions. You are getting a chance to be a financial advisor for the brand. By educating people about financial literacy, you will get them to offer the financial products of the company which will help them to enhance the quality of their lives.

Furthermore, your potential customers will get an opportunity to upgrade their lifestyle choices, make lavish purchases, and claim a home loan or personal loan with just one click. You will be surprised to know how Kreditwala Reviews have shown a valuable response among potential customers. For example, after shifting to a new place this client has experienced a drastic change in his life. He shares how there is a huge growth in the graph of his health and wellness. Another example is people who get anxious about spending a substantial amount of money altogether. Kredit wala has done justice to those by helping them acquire big happiness in fragments. 

How to Become a Kreditwala Advisor?

It is a quick and hassle-free process to become a kreditwala advisor and make money online. You do not require any capital and can start earning directly with 0 investment with a monthly payout. For registration, you need a smartphone and download the application.  

1. Visit the Website and Register

Head over to the webpage. You will find a link “learn more” under the headline “Let's take your business to the next level” Once you click on the link site will redirect you toward the form available.  

2.Complete the Application Form

You have to submit your details such as name, email address, and message. After filling out the application select the send button.

3.Receive the Financial Training 

Once the form is submitted you will be contacted to receive training about financial goods and services from the company’s side. 

4.Upload The List Of Leads And Make the Commission

Your next task would be to gather information about the potential lead available. In this step, you will be asked to upload the list of the same in the space you will be allotted. You will be selling financial products to potential customers at the best price and take your commissions.

5.Market Your New Business to Invite More Customers

To invite more customers you will be required to market yourself using marketing techniques such as business cards, social media marketing, etc. 

6.Refer and Earn More

To work more smoothly you can create a team and refer the Kreditwala app to your family and friends. Once they download and log in you will get an extra income of 10% from their earnings.

Credit Cards that you can sell Using Kreditwala

There is a wide spectrum of credit cards that you can sell and earn commissions. You are required to remember the benefits of each credit card available along with customer requirements. This will eventually boost your chances of earning commissions. You can check the list of credit cards available: 

IDFC's first Bank Credit Card  

IDFC First Bank offers lifetime free credit card services to its customers. It provides its customers with 6X rewards on online spending, 10X rewards on monthly spending above Rs. 20,000, and 10X rewards on all birthday spending, and comes with no expiration date. This is the best credit card one should have. It provides personal accident cover and lost liability cover. You can get a 20% discount among 1500 restaurants and a 25% discount for a movie night out once a month. It provides you with an option to save interest rates from 0.75%-3.5% per month. There is no lifetime charge fee for the same. 

Whom you can Sell Credit Cards Online?

You can sell credit cards to people who are either salaried or self-employed. You have to keep in mind that you need to target people above 21 years of age with the income group of Rs. 30,000/month in case of a salaried professional or an individual who is self-employed appearing under the bracket of Rs.500,000 and above tax return. Another necessary point is the person should have a credit score of 710+. While selling you can target the residents of 50 cities only. (for which you need to check the PIN code). If by chance you get to meet a customer of idfc bank then they will not be eligible for a credit card scheme. This credit card provides insurance protection, lost card liability, and personal accident cover. 

Documents Required for Customer Registration

  • To register your customer for a credit card. You are required to submit the following details. 
  • An Aadhaar Card is necessary for the registration of your customer. To ensure if the entity is Indian or not.
  • A PAN card is another element you will require to get your customer registered. 
  • Address Proof is required so that IDFC can ensure if the customer belongs among the listed 50 cities or not according to their diary. 
  • Income proof: A salary Slip is another necessary document that will let your customer smoothly finish the process and avail of the credit card. 


Kreditwala owner has designed the platform with the best credit cards that you can sell and earn good commissions. Moreover, the platform helps you to earn money by simply selling financial products within your network and social circle which helps you to maintain strong bonds. It is offering the highest commission rates. To find potential customers you can use social media platforms to spread a word. To sell credit cards online is not that hard. Once you convert your first 10 customers, the next 10 would be easier for you to find and convert. So, All The Best!! 

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