Why Vaping Is The Best Gateway Solution For A Smoker?

Posted by SEO Digital Team on December 7th, 2023

More Saudis are saying goodbye to cigarettes and hopping on the vaping trend that's spreading globally. But, you know, the rules about vaping in Saudi are kind of unclear, like trying to see through a fruity mist. There's no specific law saying you can't vape here, and you can puff away in public without a problem. Along with this complication, various false myths regarding vaping are tainting a bad image.

a)     Vaping is not more addictive than cigarette smoking

There's this idea floating around that vaping is more addictive than smoking and won't help you quit. But hold on a sec, the science and real-life stories are telling a different story about vaping. The Royal College of Physicians in Saudi Arabia is on board too, confirming that vapes are low on the addiction scale and mainly used by those trying to quit. Come to Vape Khalidiya if you want the safest vape products on the market.

b)    Nicotine addiction cannot be solved by vaping

Smokers meet their maker thanks to the nasty stuff in tobacco smoke, not the nicotine. According to the British NHS, nicotine is the least of your worries, and vaping is a much safer route than sticking with cigarettes. Whether you're riding the nicotine train or going nicotine-free, your health gets an upgrade. Nicotine makes an impact on the heart isn't a big deal, no major risk of getting seriously sick or checking out early. Nicotine's cool in regular nicotine replacement therapy, so it's not suddenly a big deal in vaping. Come to the Vape Store Near me to find nicotine-free vape products.

c)     E-cigarette vapor and cigarette smoke are two different types of elements

E-cigarette vapor and cigarette smoke might look alike, but they're like distant cousins. Smoke happens when things go up in flames, letting out a bunch of not-so-friendly chemicals. Vapor, though, just carries the same non-toxic stuff as the thing it came from. Vape liquids are like regular food ingredients, no drama there. Now, cigarettes whip up over 7,000 chemicals, and quite a few of those are on the cancer squad. Come to the Vape Shop to see the real difference between vapor and cigarette smoke.

Daily smoker numbers are hitting rock bottom in many countries. Only 1.5% of non-smokers in Saudi are joining the vape squad, and smoking rates are still on a downward slide. The health gurus and other health agencies are giving vaping the green light as the top pick for kicking the smoking habit.

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