Parmigiani Fleurier Armoriale: A pocket watch of great artistry

Posted by lifata on December 8th, 2023

With the new, extremely complex pocket watch Parmigiani Fleurier Armoriale, Parmigiani is not simply introducing a new, extremely elaborate and complicated watch. Rather, the presentation of this pocket watch is an exclamation mark both internally and externally and a proof of the watchmaking expertise of the watch manufacturer from Fleurier. So the name Armorial, i.e. coat of arms, fits this particular watch.

This has completely understandable reasons. An initially obvious motive is the 73rd birthday of Michel Parmigiani, the founder of the watch brand and the spirit of the watch manufacturer's watchmaking expertise. It was also he who, during his time at the Parmigiani Atelier, secretly introduced the renowned watch brand to its horological masterpieces.

The second argument is therefore also understandable, namely that the Parmigiani Fleurier L’Armoriale watch shows what extraordinary technical skill Parmigiani Fleurier is capable of.

The positive communicative effect, as a third argument, for the Parmigiani brand, which is growing internationally, may possibly go beyond the plain positive contribution that the pocket watch, which costs over a million, is likely to make to the company's results.

This communicative aspect is important. Ultimately, it is important to equip the range of Parmigiani best fake watches, which are available from just under 20,000 euros and up, with the greatest possible watchmaking expertise and desirability. An aspect that, as we have already revealed in advance, does full justice to the Parmigiani Fleurier Armoriale with its elaborate and complicated hand-wound caliber PF500 as well as all aspects of the watch's elaborate decoration.

In particular, the aspect of the power reserve of up to 7 days is particularly mentioned by Parmigiani. And the gear autonomy is indeed excellent. But at the same time the question arises as to whether a power reserve of 28 hours would have been completely sufficient. Because it is entirely conceivable that the daily ritual of hand-winding could trigger positive associations for the buyer of this special watch.

The spectacular watch with its 49.4 mm case made of 18 carat gold ensures the necessary desirability. This begins with the elaborate scale-like engraving of the case, for which Parmigiani relies on the expertise of the engraving experts Eddy Jacques and Christophe Blandenier resorted to it.

Her work was complemented by the artistic, delicate enamel work of enameller Vanessa Lecci. She was already responsible for the enamel work for the Parmigiani Fleurier Les Roses Carrées Collection Grand Feu Rosa Celest. However, while this minute repeater wristwatch was still in blue, Vanessa Lecci, together with Guido Terreni, the Parmigiani Fleurier CEO, chose a color scheme in yellow, brown and red for the Parmigiani Fleurier Armoriale.

According to Guido Terreni, the inspiration for this Renaissance-like splendor of color was the Hall of Giants in the Palazzo Te. The fired enamel exterior is complemented by a hand-forged, engraved chain that echoes the engraved pattern of the replica watch info case

However, the attention of the technology-interested, knowledgeable viewer is likely to focus more on the exceptionally subtle guilloche pattern on the white gold dial. It is decorated in a brown-blue color, on which the white-gold, skeletonized typical Parmigiani hands as well as the central blue chronograph hand stand out clearly. The moon indicators of the two hemispheres are in hammered white gold, which rotate in circles against a dark blue, textured aventurine blue.

On the back, under the sapphire crystal, you can see the caliber 9933 from Golay Leresche & Fils Geneve, which was extensively restored and converted by Michel Parmigiani in 1985. This repeating caliber, which operates at a leisurely 3 Hz, has been expanded to include the complications of chronograph, perpetual calendar with moon phase and minute repeater. For this purpose, the caliber was expanded to a total of 375 carefully hand-finished components.

Anyone who suspects that Guido Terreni's reference to the color inspiration from the conditions of the Palazzo Te in Mantua is due to a marketing strategy that is common today will be surprised to find out when they look more closely at the rooms of the Palazzo, both for the pattern of the housing as well as the color of the enamel were actually borrowed from the palace of Principe Federico II Gonzaga, which was once surrounded by water.

L’Armoriale is not just a unique pocket watch; it is a masterpiece from Parmigiani Fleurier that carries the history, passion and excellence of an extraordinary person. It reminds us that watchmaking can sometimes become a true art beyond time. This masterpiece invites us to lose ourselves in the labyrinths of Palazzo Te, feel the essence of the Renaissance and celebrate the extraordinary journey of Michel Parmigiani.

It is uncertain who the lucky and hopefully technically sound buyer will be who will own the unique Parmigiani Fleurier Armoriale. What is certain is that this elaborate and complicated watchmaking masterpiece not only attracts attention to the Parmigiani brand. Rather, its founder Michel Parmigiani also receives special recognition for his extraordinary watchmaking skills.

To put it briefly: Utile et dulce. This was known then and now.

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