Vaping, Vaper, Vapour. What Does It All Mean?

Posted by Steven Smith on August 11th, 2016


Is the term used to described the act of inhaling on the vapour produced by an electronic cigarette.


The substance that’s inhaled and exhaled whilst vaping. When the E-liquid in a tank gets heated by the coil it turns into vapour. The vapour usually leaves a nice aroma in the air, all dependant on the flavour of the E-liquid inside the electronic cigarette.


A person who is using an electronic cigarette is commonly referred to as a vaper.

Cloud chasing

Is a relatively new activity some vapers have chosen to participate in. They use sub ohm electronic cigarettes. It is important to use sub ohm devices to ‘cloud chase’ as the lower the ohm is set the more vapour the unit produces. Cloud chasers like to make large cloud formations by exhaling huge amounts of vapour at any one time. This has become a craze in the electronic cigarette world and there are even competitions for cloud chasing. Similar to blowing rings with traditional cigarette smoke cloud chasers like to control the shapes and amount of vapour they make to creative works of art. This can be quite mesmerising to watch.


A MOD is a term used to describe an electronic cigarette or associated product that has is pacifically designed to allow and individual control over their device. An example of a MOD is a Variable Voltage battery. The user can MODify their device to suit a pacific attribute.


Is a term used to describe an E-liquid that is perfect to use on a daily basis. Usually a fruit flavoured E-liquid. Some liquids are too rich to be used continuously. ADV as a term, is used by sellers to describe a perfect vape for everyday use.


Cigalike is a term used to describe a device that is similar to a traditional cigarette in size and image. 510 batteries are often described as a cigalike in the vaping world. Other similar models that fall into the category of looking like a traditional cigarette are also called a cigalike.


There are many, many more slang terms circulating around the world of vaping but these are the ones we think most people hear the most. The list in infinite and like most slang, some are fairly obvious to translate, whereas others are impossible to understand.

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