Is VoIP feasible for making International calls?

Posted by Ana George on December 15th, 2023

Is VoIP feasible for making International calls?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the escape from making expensive international calls. In previous years, making international calls was more expensive, and even with all these hardships, it was not accessible to make calls. Nowadays, everyone can make calls with the help of calling and messaging apps, but making professional calls is still an issue. Confidentiality of business terms does not allow making calls with these applications due to security concerns. VoIP is the one solution for making international business communication with quality calls in a feasible cost range.

What is VoIP?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, and It’s a cloud-based phone technology that operates with the help of the Internet. Nevertheless, it is an alternative innovation to the traditional phone system. Some VoIP providers only support calls under the same network, i.e. (VoIP to VoIP), whereas most of the providers support international calls and any number. Also, some VoIP service providers allow you to enjoy the services in your old landline phones using a VoIP adapter.

Is VoIP Good for Calling Internationally?

VoIP is one of the best approaches for making efficient and cheap international calls. It has many features like cost-effectiveness and clearer audio quality, which enables making international calls. From a business perspective, VoIP plays a crucial role in development; it can make international calls and build foreign clients. VoIP phone calls are made from the Internet, so you can make a call as long as you want.  


Does VoIP Charge for International Calls?

Yes, VoIp does charge for international calls, but making international calls from VoIP is comparatively cheaper than from traditional systems. If your company has more foreign clients and has to be more engaged in international calls, then you can save more money. Some of the VoIP providers do not support international calls. Also the price range may differ as per their service. You can enjoy the VoIP service outside the country too, but some of the providers only offer free international calls on their same network.

What Is the Best VoIP Provider for International Calls?

There are many best VoIP providers for international calls. The term “best” can be categorized in different ways, i.e., call quality, price range, customer support, scalability, etc. Most of the VoIP providers have good sound quality, but their price range is a little expensive. Also, providers with lower prices lack good customer support. We cannot take a specific name as the best VoIP provider due to their drawbacks and limitations. However, these are some VoIP providers considered to be the best on the basis of reviews and ratings. They are:

  1. Zoom Phone

  2. RingCentral

  3. 8×8

  4. Ooma

  5. GoTo Connect


  7. Nextiva

Zoom Phone

Zoom phone is one of the best VoIP providers among all. The best part of these providers is that they include almost all the features in all subscription plans. Also, it allows companies to call and text over 150 countries. It supports hardware devices such as desk phones, conference phones, etc.


It provides all the services that VoIP providers must provide. They have different ways to reach out to customers, and they have unique schemes, too. RingCentral allows users to create up to 250 auto-attendant menus. Also, the generous toll-free minute allowance helps to claim the clients.                                  


8×8 is famous for its customer support; it offers 24/7 customer support for all plans. Also, it provides PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) in over 55 countries. Its features, like unified communication tools, namely team messaging and voice conferences, make it a unique and competitive VoIP provider.


Ooma is one of the best VoIP providers popular for the features they provide. Never-ending domestic calls with geographical boundaries like the US to the UK, Canada to Mexico, and so on. Also, its premier package offers access to Google Voice’s voicemail, and its subscription plans include 500 minutes of inbound calls a month. All these features makes Ooma as one of the best VoIP provider.


Nextiva is a VoIP provider that enables threaded conversations. It helps to organize customer interactions as well. Nextiva also supports Bring Your Device(BYOD) across all plans and also allows unlimited conference calls for unlimited participants.

How to Make International Calls with VoIP

While making an international call with VoIp, we must consider certain terms and follow the standard international calling format:

  • International dialing prefix

  • Country code

  • City code (area code)

  • Local Number

International dialing prefixes

International dialing prefixes are the unique codes that are specified for the country to make a call. For example, the international dialing prefix for dialing a landline number in Nigeria is +234, whereas the international dialing prefix for dialing a landline number in Canada is 011.

Country code

Country code is essential to make a call. Each country holds unique country codes, and the number of digits is also different. For instance, the country code of Canada is 1, and the British Virgin Islands is 1-284. 

City code

The city code or area codes of the cities are unique to each other; for example, the city code for Canberra, Australia, is 02, whereas the city code for Perth, Australia, is 08.

Local Numbers

Last comes the local numbers; each city code and area code could be similar to the residence residing there, and these local numbers are unique to every individual. It generally consists of five to eight digits.

For example:

Making an international call from California (USA) to Melbourne(Australia) with local number 22446688.

Exit Code: ‘011’(USA exit code)

Country Code: ‘61’ (for Australia)

Area Code: ‘3’ (for Melbourne)

Local Number: ‘2244-6688’

So, you’ll dial: 011-61-3-2244-6688 

The above process is an example of making a call from the USA to Australia. Also, you can check How to make a call to the USA from the UK.

By following the above procedure, you can make an international call from California (USA) to Melbourne(Australia) with local number 22446688. The cost of making international calls from a landline depends on long-distance or your VoIP provider’s plan.


VoIP, or voice over internet protocol, has shown to be an economical and effective way to make international conversations, particularly while conducting business. VoIP is more affordable than traditional phone systems and has benefits like clear audio quality because of its cloud-based technology and Internet-based operation. It is now an essential tool for communicating business internationally and helps companies engage with partners and customers worldwide. VoIP has completely changed communication across countries by offering a dependable, affordable, and feature-rich substitute for old phone systems. VoIP plays a crucial role in determining the direction of international telecommunications as technology develops.

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