Visa Credit Card Offers: A Look At The Best

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 29th, 2010

Visa claims to be the nation?s leading payment brand. And rightly so: more than 500 million Visa credit cards circulate in the United States. For every $100 that consumers spend, approximately $14.60 is spent with a Visa-branded product. Visa offers a large variety of credit cards for both consumers and businesses. Its unique corporate structure, emphasis on security, and solid card options make it one of the most popular credit card issuers today.

Corporate Structure

Visa stands for Visa International Service Association. The company consists of six different entities. Each segment focuses on one particular geographical area, providing offers and meeting regulations that vary from region to region. Visa does not directly issue its cards. Rather, it consists of an association of member banks that lend cards to consumers and small businesses.

Visa is one of the most universal credit cards available. You can swipe a Visa card in over 150 countries across the globe. More than 20 million merchants accept Visa cards throughout the world.

Top-notch Security

Visa works hard to provide reliable security for its cardholders. Its ?Continuous Monitoring? system is a vital part of this system. The program quickly identifies unusual card transactions. This includes purchases that are more expensive than usual or a shipping address that is different from the billing address. It also detects changes in the name, birth date, or social security number of the cardholder. If you are a victim of identity theft, Visa offers free help and counseling services.

The 3-digit code on Visa credit cards is another one of their security features. This code, called the Cardholder Verification Value, or CW2, is found on the back of the card. The information can be provided when making purchases. It ensures that the cardholder is carrying the actual credit card as an item is bought. If the number does not match with the one in the system, the activity is immediately investigated.

Visa?s Top Cards

Visa offers a variety of solid credit card options for consumers. The Chase Platinum Visa is the perfect card for those with good credit who want the benefits of a platinum card and a rewards program. Through the rewards program, you earn one point for each dollar that you spend on purchases. You can then redeem those points for cash back, travel options, a variety of merchandise, or gift cards. If you qualify, you?ll get a low interest rate and a 0% interest introductory rate for up to 12 months on purchases and balance transfers. There?s no annual fee with this card.

The Platinum Plus Visa card, issued by the Bank of America, is another excellent credit card option. Through this plan, you?ll enjoy platinum benefits such as auto rental insurance, travel and emergency assistance services, and purchase protection. It offers a credit line of up to $25,000. This card offers a 0% introductory rate for the first six billing cycles on all purchases, balance transfers and cash advance checks. There?s no annual fee and the interest rate is low. This is an all-around solid card.

Visa continues to improve its security features and serve its worldwide cardholders. With a Visa credit card, you?ll enjoy member benefits and virtually universal card acceptance. Find the card that best fits your needs and sign up for it today. Then use Visa to help you get through life, one purchase at a time.

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