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Posted by sweetiescathouse on August 12th, 2016

The professional ties and responsibilities of life are very demanding and one has to take care of every corner of life in a balanced way. Owning a pet is a lovely feeling. The love they shower on the owners is just incredible and in a short while they become as close as a family member. Cats are very affectionate and offer too much love to their masters. But they cannot be left alone at home when the owner or owners are at work. They need constant looking after which can be offered by the lovely ambience in the cat house where they can be dropped in the morning and picked up in the evening. It is kind of a day care unit.

They also have the facility to keep the cat if the owners are traveling and she has to stay in the cat house for few days. They have a well established place which is fully equipped to give supplies for the cats to feel at home. They offer good food and give them enough play time and place where they can play with other cats and interact with people. They are not made to feel uneasy and insecure in a cage. They are loose and well looked after.

Boarding a cat is something which the owner truly loves to do as she herself owns two cats and is an absolute cat lover. Paula Hutchinson ensures that all the cats coming to her boarding house is made to feel comfortable, offered good food, litter and toys to play with. The helpers around the place also ensure that the cats get rid of loneliness and are not left to miss her owners. The boarding house is located in Central Riverview and is a beautiful spacious accommodation. Paula also makes sure that if the owners of the cat have more than one pet, then she can offer getting them towed to the boarding house so that they all can stay together.

The place is secured with the presence of cameras which is quite a breather for the cat owners as well. This angle gives them the satisfaction that the cats will be safe and secure. The accommodation has emerged as cats only boarding place in the area which is equipped with such facilities. Moreover the care which is offered to the cats is unique and every requirement of the feline is taken care of with complete love and affection. The cat lovers can be assured that their cats now have a home away from home where they will be nurtured and love.

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