Why Isn't My Google Hangout Working Properly? Help Me

Posted by Mary Watson on August 12th, 2016

Are you experiencing issues in Google hangout and want to know as Why Isn't My Google Hangout Working Properly? The reason for this trouble could be many and it is recommended to take help of expert to fix issue if it is prevailing since long.

Various Reasons For Hangout Unsmooth Working

  • Slow Internet – Hangout is the part of Gmail, it does not require separate login to work with Hangout. Just one time activation. Once you open your Gmail, the hangout too will get logged in and messages will start coming. If the trouble that you are facing with Gmail goes like this, you are able to login to Gmail but hangout is not responding, then the issue is related to slow internet connection. When internet speed remains slow, then Gmail do get open (though slow) but hangout need good speed. Therefore, check speed of internet.
  • Browser Issue –Browser too plays important role in smooth functioning of Hangout. Hangout is not supportive to all the browsers. Various issue that my come because of browser are conflicting the extensions of browser, corruption in program code, software becomes outdated etc. To become more specific with browser issue, one can change their browser and check if hangout is working fine.
  • Issues With Hardware And Software – When voice chat or video call is used on hangout and user is experiencing issues in it, then hardware or software could be the culprit. Check headphone, webcam and other devices used. One can update drivers in device. To have complete information about same one can call to Gmail phone number. Support team will give all necessary assistance.
  • Mobile Device Issue –If you are having trouble operating hangout in mobile then checking data connection is important. Most of the time issue in hangout comes because of weak internet connection. Change of browser and updating software will help hangout to work smooth in mobile. Restarting device can also help in rework of hangout.

How To Troubleshoot Hangout Related Issue?

To fix hangout related issue, it is best to work on measures suggested above. However, still if issue persists then assistance can be taken from Gmail customer care team. Call helpline number and ask them Why Isn't My Google Hangout Working Properly? They will give supportive assistance to fix issue. The helpline number can be reached anytime

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