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Posted by John on August 13th, 2016

For many people arriving in Spain for the very first time there is a considerable degree of confusion regarding whether they need a residence card. This really is more so the case with regard to EU member state citizens. The following is a brief guide to a few of the more important points to be borne in your mind.

According to Royal Decree 178/2003, which arrived to effect March 1 2003, the following groups are not necessary to hold a residence greeting card in Spain and how to obtain spanish residency as long as they now take over an up-to-date I. D. or passport using their own country:

1. Nationals of a) EU fellow member states b) states that form the main European Economic Area (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway) or even c) the Swiss Confederation, who're contract or self-employed workers, students or beneficiaries from the right to reside permanently within Spain.

2. Family members of those outlined above in addition to family members of Spanish citizens assuming they live underneath the same roof.

3. Nationals of a) EU member states b) states which are a party to the Western Economic Area or c) the actual Swiss Confederation who work within Spain but maintain their residence in these states and to which these people return every day or at least one time a week.

However, in these cases, if the interested party still wishes to use for one, the authorities are obliged to issue her or him with a residence certificate. Certainly, on a practical level, regardless of any actual obligation to maintain a card or not, the experience of living in Spain on the day-to-day basis shows that it's generally more convenient to achieve this and residence permit spain. In any case, for just about all practical purposes, even if you don't apply for the residence certification, you should definitely apply for the NIE the industry number which is essential with regard to practically any undertaking in the Spain.

For those who do not really come under 1. above and who intend to reside in Spain for a period of time of 3 to 12 several weeks, a residence card is required and you will be issued for that period upon application. For periods longer compared to 12 months, a 5 year renewable residence card is going to be issued.

The application for a residence card (necessarily within 30 days of arriving in Spain regarding those who are obliged to complete so) must be filed using the Foreigners' Office of the particular province you reside in or, in the lack of such, the provincial police train station. Along with a completed application form additionally, you will be required to present 3 passport sized colour photos and also the original and photocopy of a good up-to-date I. D. or passport.

When living in Spain more than half the year, you are obliged to register as a resident in Spain. However, there are many other obligations for spending time in Spain, even though you do not stay in Spain for half the year. At Intellegal we can help you comply with the Spanish laws and advice you what to do and what not. Contact us for a free consultation without any obligation.

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