How To Avoid Pop-Ups Permanently From Your Windows OS?

Posted by Phone Help Desk on August 13th, 2016

Are you frequently getting pop-ups on your Windows? Is it creating trouble in accessing your browsers? If it is so, then you need to be alert of these pop-ups. These pop-ups are unwanted programs that appear as window while doing browsing that ask you to have their fake services. These pop-ups appear due to intrusions of adware, malware and other malicious elements that gets inside your system while you make any downloads from an illegal sites. These pop-ups completely disable you to access browser. Here, you should immediately consult a dial support phone helpline for block Window pop-up virus, so further you could not have to face any problem. 

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You can also dial a toll-free number of available tech support 24/7 for Windows issues. However, you can also go through this article post to have perfect solution procedure. Let’s go through the process as shown below:

First you need to check updates for browsers

For updating Google browser, click on the menu button just on the right corner of Chrome. Now, from the bottom of menu choose ‘About Chrome’. This will make you to open new tab to check whether any update is available or not. If update is available, then it automatically gets installed.

Now re-install your web browser

For re-installing browser, you need to go through the process as shown below:

  • Find the link of the latest browser version that you have to install.
  • Now, un-install current browser. For this you need to go to Control Panel and open “Programs and Features” and finally click on “Add or remove programs” and see your browser.
  • Now, install latest browser and click on Run and follow the prompts.

Enable pop-ups blocker in your browser

Different browsers have different ways of blocking, so here you can dial a toll-free number of Windows technical supports to know the procedure for browser you are using.

Install browser ads on

There are many types of browsers ads on that you can install for your browsers to reduce these pop-ups numbers that you encounter. Before downloading these ads on, you need to read the review to have the best ads on with your browser.

Scan and remove virus from your system

To scan and remove virus from your system, you need to install best antivirus so that it could scan your system in a perfect way and could remove virus, adware and malware from your system.

These are some of the ways that you can follow to get rid of these pop-ups. However, if you want to have more help and support then you can dial a toll-free number of Windows technical team.

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