Wisdom Teeth Media PA -Signs, Complication and Treatment Options

Posted by drsamkhoury on August 13th, 2016

When wisdom teeth become impacted they are blocked by nearby teeth as they do not get enough room to fully emerge. In case such impacted wisdom teeth are left to grow, they can damage adjacent teeth and result in severe pain and inflammation in the mouth and jaw area. Wisdom teeth Media PA professionals offer treatment options for different types of impacted wisdom teeth. In case a partially impacted wisdom tooth which is partially visible is found the periodontist extracts it for the comfort of the patient. In addition when a fully impacted wisdom tooth is causing problems the entire tooth is below the gum line thus the periodontist suggests apt treatment. In any case when an impacted wisdom tooth is noticed it must be dealt with.

What are the signs your wisdom teeth are impacted?

Many times impacted wisdom teeth show no symptoms and thus there is a delay in the treatment. However, symptoms differ from person to person as some of them can be mild or severe. Sometimes the Periodontist Media PA professionals find the symptoms which are due to the impacted tooth; other times the bacteria in the mouth cause infection as it gets under the gum tissue. The patient has symptoms such as headaches, halitosis, difficulty in opening the mouth, tender, swollen or bleeding gums, swelling in the jaw area and pain when chewing food.

Oral Surgery Glen Mills PA encompasses wisdom tooth removal before the teeth become impacted. Removing the tooth before the roots are fully formed makes an extraction easier and the healing faster. In case the wisdom tooth becomes impacted, a simple surgery can be performed by the oral surgeons to remove them. When you child has symptoms associated with impacted wisdom teeth it is best to consult the professional in time and allow them to help you determine the cause and course of action. If extraction of wisdom tooth is required, you can expect a safe procedure that includes sedation and tooth removal.

In event of negligence oral issues can lead to gum disease Media PA. Once the condition occurs it is no longer reversible. However, according to experts controlling the disease is similar to preventing it in the first place, and it can prove very effective at preserving your good oral health.

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