Navigating UNUM Disability Appeals: A Comprehensive Guide

Posted by paul walker on December 26th, 2023


Experiencing a sudden denial of your long-term disability claim from Unum, one of America’s largest insurance companies, can be a devastating blow. You're left with the daunting task of navigating the intricate UNUM Disability Appeal process to reclaim your rightfully owed benefits. Amidst countless nationwide investigations into Unum's alleged unfair practices, particularly wrongful claim denial, understanding the appeals process is a crucial tool in your arsenal for challenging the denial effectively.

Understanding Disability Types

A thorough knowledge of Unum’s disability coverage is a vital first step. Unum’s policies cover a plethora of disabilities, broadly classified into two primary categories.

Physical Disability includes conditions impairing physical functionality, mobility, dexterity, or stamina, from spinal cord injuries and musculoskeletal disorders to respiratory and cardiovascular diseases.

Mental Health Disability includes conditions impacting cognitive processes, emotions, behavior, and overall mood. This category ranges from depression and anxiety disorders to bipolar disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Each disability type presents unique challenges when initiating a claim or appeal.

Unum’s Disability Insurance Policies

Unum provides long-term disability insurance policies through various group companies, which are designed to offer financial support in the event of a disabling illness or injury. However, many policyholders experience claim denials without sufficient grounds.

Reasons for Claim Denial

Unum may deny your disability claim for numerous reasons. These include insufficient medical evidence supporting your disability, the opinion of Unum-hired medical or vocational experts, or policy exclusions for your specific medical condition. A Unum denial letter can often be incomplete, misleading, or outright incorrect, and you should not accept it at face value.

The Unum Disability Appeal Process

If Unum denies your disability claim, you have the right to appeal. The Unum Disability Appeal process involves several key steps:

  • You have 180 days from the denial letter receipt to file an appeal.
  • You should draft a detailed appeal in writing, ideally with a seasoned long-term disability attorney's help.
  • Upon submission, Unum will review your appeal within 45 days. They may request an additional 45-day extension.
  • After reviewing your appeal, Unum will issue its decision.

Strengthening Your Unum Disability Appeal

For a successful appeal, it's crucial to compile and present compelling evidence:

  • Comprehensive Medical Records: Include all relevant medical examinations, treatments, and doctor’s notes. A letter from your physician outlining your condition and its impact on your work ability is advantageous.
  • Personal Narratives: Describe your daily life, focusing on the constraints and challenges due to your disability. This narrative can highlight the reality of your situation.
  • Testimonials: Statements from friends, family members, and colleagues can provide additional perspectives on your condition.
  • Reports from Vocational Experts: These can offer an unbiased assessment of your work capability, considering your medical condition, educational background, skills, and labor market factors.

Choosing The Right UNUM Disability Appeal Attorney

Contesting a denial from Unum can be an overwhelming and stressful endeavor. However, with a clear understanding of the Unum Disability Appeal process and the right legal counsel's aid, you can challenge their decision and secure your rightful benefits. Remember, a denial is not the final verdict; it's just the beginning of your fight for justice.

Navigating the complexities of the UNUM process can feel intimidating, but remember: you're not alone. With the right guidance and support, you can successfully traverse this challenging path. Our UNUM disability lawyers are here to assist you. As you embark on this justice journey, remember that each step brings you closer to securing the benefits you're entitled to. This journey requires patience, resilience, and determination. But with the right strategy and resources, it can result in a successful outcome.

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