How to spy on your girlfriend, boyfriend, partner or spouse

Posted by Lemons Alicia on August 15th, 2016

Learn how to spy on your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband, partner or spouse is an adventure delicate that you should take while being discreet and careful. If you do not want to take the help of spy agencies, you can buy some really useful gadgets and spy equipment cooling online. Go on, trigger the light in you - Here are 10 ways to spy on and catch a cheating spouse or partner.
This is not a discussion about morality cheating or attempting to catch a cheating partner in the act. The post is not intended to promote the suspicious behavior between partners or spouses. But if you think your partner is cheating on you and exploits the fact that you are a good person, these devices can help your 

1) Install a spy camera hidden solid

If you've watched reality TV shows to catch cheating girlfriends and boyfriends, you should know that a hidden spy camera is a must-have. You can install a spy camera in the house, or house your partner. Be sure to read the laws on privacy before groped to do so.

Places to install a single spy camera would bedrooms, living room or living room and bathrooms. Kitchen and corridors or passages should be the last priority. Make sure to hide the camera properly, otherwise all your efforts to catch a cheating partner will go down the drain and you bear the brunt of an angry girl or boy, and you are likely to spend the rest of your life apologizing for your partner.

There are many types of hidden cameras available online, including those who have built in night vision equipment and sound recording. Pen down all your needs and make a purchase, which will be sufficient for all your needs in a single device. If you want the bag, you can also choose a real cheap spy cameras.

2) Install a GPS tracking device Vehicle

A GPS vehicle tracking device is an uber cool spy gadgets that can be used to monitor the movements of your partner. If you think your boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating on you and lying on its location, just hide one of these GPS tracking devices in their cars so they can track their movements.

So next time you hear something like "Honey I was shopping for groceries in the supermarket", you will actually be able to confirm if your partner is actually the supermarket or lying.

3) Using the device, audio amplifier or an audio bug at home on your colleague listening

A listening device, audio amplifier or an audio bug is nothing but his pair of ears in a place where you can not be physical.

For example, if you can not set a hidden spy cameras in the bedroom your girlfriend or boyfriend, you can use this cool spy gadgets and binoculars or night vision sights and sounds of what is happening behind the walls suspicious uninterrupted.

4) Put a GPS tracking device in the bag your partner

If you are not satisfied only by tracking the movements of vehicles in your partner, you can discreetly hide a tracking device in their purse, wallet, jacket or other accessories that can bring.

To implement this, you have to sew the device or on the inside of a bag, jacket or something. Or discreetly put them in your pocket or in a corner, which probably will not find. If you do not want to be caught spying on partners, sewing is a safe bet.

5) Install an app on their iPhone or Android mobile bases

If your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife uses a cell phone that has access to GPS, there are programs available for download that will tell you your phone's location via GPS coordinates.

These applications will be useful if you think your partner is cheating on you and it is not where they said they would be

6) Have binoculars at hand

If you want to trail your partner for city and follow a telescope is your best friend. Binoculars will help you keep an eye on what was going on, without getting too close to your partner would cheat.

If you do not use binoculars to other businessmen intensive vision or hobby, make sure the ones you buy are compact and light enough to carry around.

7) night goggles or night vision

If you plan to camp your boyfriend or girlfriend's house at night to try to have a look through the windows, night vision goggles or binoculars are a must. You will be able to see what is happening inside the bedroom, even after the lights go out.

Night vision binoculars and generally have technical specifications which mention the field of view, magnification capabilities and more. Be sure to double check that these specifications meet the requirements before buying.

8) Gift your partner a watch or some other gadget that is actually a spy device

There are small easiest ways to spy on your spouse of the item giving them a gift that is actually a spy unit. One of the products that you can buy online is a stylish wristwatch that actually have a mini HD camera as small as a pin hole in the center of the disc.

You could discuss how to see your partner will give you the best view of what he / she is up to, but at least you can catch every movement on video. Other such products include spy pens and key remote control with built-in spy cameras.

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