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Posted by Michael Foster on August 15th, 2016

Teeth play an important role in enhancing the beauty of an individual, what happen if your tooth decay affected by the cavity, not in proper shape and lost by some diseases or accidently etc. There are having more issues which are associated with the teeth such as dental implant and teeth whitening etc. In early day’s dentist replace the teeth from the treatment such as root canals, bridges, and fixed dentures, all these treatments seem to fail with reasons like the tooth with root canals fails, bridges should need the healthy adjacent teeth cut down and removable dentures becomes sticky gummy. All these problems can be resolved by the treatment of Dental Implants New Malden , which is the process of replacement of tooth roots. This implantation will result to provide a strong base for fixed or removable teeth which are created naturally by matching with your teeth. The dental implant is excellent treatment for those who lost their teeth; it consists of replacing a missing tooth and not depends on any other teeth. A small metal screw is fixed into the jaw bone and tooth was fitted in the top.

The dental implant is taken by the person who lost one or more teeth; the implantation of the tooth is surgically made by the Dentist in New Malden in jawbone. The screw which is integrated into the jawbone root acts as the new root for the cap which is replaced for the missing tooth. A cap is the replacement of teeth; it simply looks similar to the natural teeth. It is implanted to the attached teeth and fills the gap which is left in the mouth of the missing tooth. There are many specific reasons that result to replacing the teeth; nowadays people are concern towards their beauty and outlook they don’t want feel uneasy due to any reason relevant to their face.

Procedure of Tooth Implant

The treatment for tooth replacement will take three part and approximately seven months. The treatment is provided by the dentist or referred to the specialist prosthodontistor, periodontist, and oral surgeon. The implant is taken in three steps, in the first step the dentist is surgically implanted in the jawbone, to the top of the bone; a screw is placed into the implant to prevent it from the gum tissue and other issues.

In the second step, the implant is unenclosed and the dentist attaches one extension which is called a “post” to the implant. The gum tissue is allowed to cure the post.

In the third step, the dentist makes an artificial dental crown which looks similar to your natural teeth and named as dental crown and fit which blends with the other teeth. At last, the cap is attached to the post-implant.

The dental implant can be successful if it is performed by the experts or general dentist in New Malden who are skillful in their work. From various research and studies, it is found that the dental implant can be the success for 5 years from the year of implantation. For best success rate patient should take treatment from the more experienced & expert who comprise an excellent practice in implanting.

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