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Posted by Kovix Shop on August 15th, 2016

A motorcycle is one of the recreation vehicle for boys which provide freedom, speed, happiness, and of course a chance to roam around the countryside. Bike riding is one of the favourite activities of boys; from a youngster or veteran biker all love to experience exhilaration. People invest heavy amount on their favourite motorcycle and not taking good care is something a which a person cannot handle.

Nowadays, motorbikes are prone to theft, on an average, it takes about fourteen minutes to steal a bike and record says that only fourteen percent of all are recovered. Using helmet with speakers, intercom systems, security alarms, and fog lights on motorcycles, GPS accessories, and motorbike disc lock with an alarmcan lower the chances of theft .Using all these products can bring peace of mind and keep the stress of robbery at bay. Let’s have a look at some widely used bike security products and their uses-

  1. Disc lock: These are strong and reliable products and helps in maintaining the security of bikes. High performance features of these locks boost up the level of security protection. These are available in various shapes; a person can choose shape according to his preference. In order to keep the bike safe, buy kovix disc lock for motorbikes and boost the security.
  2. Brake lever lock- This helps in securing or clipping the front brake lever and makes it hard for the wheel to spin. This is one of the best security systems which must be installed on the bike. Nowadays many bikes and vehicles come with the already installed system, all you need is to press the brake and the work is done.
  3. CCTV- In today’s era, everything looks incomplete without installation of CCTV. CCTV comes in various models and the best one must be installed in the garage which will lower the chance of theft. Even there are CCTV cameras that are easily installed in motorcycles and help in capturing the culprit behind the theft. A study says that CCTV secured bikes are 70 percent more secured as compared to others.
  4. Bike alarm- Bike alarms help in maintaining a good security system regarding bikes and it comes in various models suiting your budget. Bike alarm works in such way that even on touching it, an alarm in high pitch emits. This siren lets the owner be aware of every action. When it comes to buying an alarm for the bike, one can always buy the best disc lock with alarm and enjoy benefits.
  5. Locking pins- This comes in various sizes like 5mm, 6mm ranging to 14mm as per the requirement of the customer. Different models have different locking systems and that code helps in protection of bike as without entering code bike will not start.

Therefore, be aware of all the risks and keep the bike safe by using these products. Kovix alarm disc locksand other antique products designed for security of bikes must be installed in bikes.

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